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Inside An Anxious Brain: Anxiety Changes Your Perception of Reality

Fear and anxiety have a huge effect on our mind, body and perception of the world. When we are feeling anxiety, it is common to make mistakes that we later regret. While we think that perhaps we should have acted differently at the time, in the end, we have to remember that we do not perceive the world accurately when we are in this survival driven state.

To better explain what I mean I want to show you the findings from a study published in the journal of Current Biology. This study found that people who are struggling with generalized anxiety disorder will perceive harmless things or people as threats on an unconscious level. This, unfortunately, will often cause the anxious person to filter everything through a lens of fear.

If you have ever struggled with fear or anxiety you know how slippery the slope can be and without a good set of rebalancing tools, you can quickly spiral out of control and end up feeling depressed.

Anxious People Tend to worry When There’s “Nothing to Worry About”

GAD or generalized anxiety disorder is the most common form of clinical anxiety which is recognized in the world of psychology.

According to google GAD is officially defined as:anxiety560bf5cc1b00003000dfdeb0

“a psychological disorder characterized by excessive or disproportionate anxiety about several aspects of life, such as work, social relationships, or financial matters.”
“extreme worrying almost every day for six months or more may signal generalized anxiety disorder”
Except here’s the thing:
Fundamentally, anxiety is a result or a symptom of the design of our society. We have created strict lifestyles, jobs and social statuses to constantly maintain. We are emotionally disconnected as a collective and exist in a system that ultimately oppresses us. There is a lot to be anxious about, even if it’s simply the state of the world.  Continue reading

10 ‘What Ifs’ That Will Make You Deeply Question Your Reality

If you’re a frequent visitor of The Spirit Science, you probably agree with the notion that questioning things is quite a healthy practice. I certainly agree; we’ve got to question everything that we’re told, everything that happens around us – otherwise, we’ll wind up accepting things without hesitation and falling into many of the traps laid out for us.

Here are 10 questions that I hope will prove to be thought-provoking and get you thinking about why things are just the way they are.

1. What if everything we’re taught is a lie?

From a young age, we’re told that the educational system and authority figures in it teach us the truth. But what if they didn’t – how would we even know?

2. What if education’s purpose was to teach us to function in a very specific system that we must be dependent on?


What else do we learn in school other than things that are designed to get us to fit into a very specific worldview? Continue reading