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Pisces Rule Dreams and Meditation

Today March 17th, 2017 is the celebration of St. Patricks Day! St. Patrick was born in 387 A.D. and died in 461 A.D, he was birthed in Britain. At age 16 he was captured by Irish Pirates and lived as a slave in Ireland for 6 years.

During that time his assignment was to be a Shepard. He spent almost all of his days and nights alone with the sheep, and had little human contact except for the cruelty of his captures. He spent his days and nights praying and meditating to be liberated from his situation.

One night he had a prophet dream that told him to run away the following day to a dock where he miraculously found a boat to take him back home to Britain. He was then reunited with his family and became a bishop. St. Patrick was known as a healer in Ireland and many children/adults followed him in order to receive his blessing of luck, health and faith. 

His story is similar to many of ours. We are “kidnapped” by our culture that does not allow for the souls expression. Many of us live in the slavery of not being able to express our True Self. During his capture he spent many hours tuning into his soul. Each of us have a place in our life that we need to meditate on so we can also become free and live the life that allows us to use our gifts.  So many people have received special messages thru their dreams that direct them into a better pathway. St. Patrick is someone who paid attention to those dreams and acted upon them. 

How do you respond when you receive an inspirational dream that feels real and resonates strongly with you?

St. Patricks Day is celebrated during the Zodiac season of the sign Pisces. Pisces rules meditation, prayer, dreams, beliefs and music. Pisces also rules alcohol (green beer), they are extremely psychic and sensitive. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions tied together by a string. This symbolizes that Pisces can always see both sides of a situation. Many Pisces make great healers and artists including painters, dancers, musicians and actors.  A strong Pisces will find a solution and a weak Pisces will float through life without taking any direction. 

Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

E N E R G Y…. Although I have been an energy healer, channeler, and Spiritual Intuitive for about 7 years now I STILL think the word “energy” sounds SO new age-ish, don’t you?  Let me simplify and demystify this simple word’s meaning, and explain what healers like myself know energy to be.

Energy = Free floating emotions and thoughts. That is way more simple than you thought it would be, right?

Now that you know this I would like to invite you to take a moment after you read this article and think back to a time when you were in a GREAT mood, TOTALLY loving life, then you walked into a house or business and immediately felt edgy, or even angry, for no reason what so ever!  It has happened to me countless times and unfortunately, before I understood “energy”, it’s effect on me, was the basis of my depression, anxiety, and several other issues I struggled though for 16 years.

In 2009 I developed the ability to SEE energy, auras, angels and spirit guides with my eyes so I became driven to understand how it all worked.  I quickly learned that my sudden mood shifts we’re caused by another person’s energy, or free floating thoughts and emotions, entering into what I call my snow globe or in other words my personal bubble and field of consciousness.  The mood shift I would experience as their energy came into my snow globe was due to my brain processing those experiences as my own.

Here’s an example: Let’s say it’s date night at the house.  All is great, but you need to run out to buy butter for the popcorn.  You happily trot on out to the store while your happy date patiently waits for you to get back. While at the store you get rung up by a lady whose spouse is FURIOUS with her!  She does not share this with you.  In fact, you hardly say a few words and then smile and wave goodbye.  Five minutes later you walk through the door of your house and you get a nagging feeling that your date is FURIOUS at you!  Your mind scans for
reasons…. Did I take too long?  Did I buy the wrong butter?  Your mind pulls up a memory of a time 5 years ago when you were late for a date and your partner at that time yelled and screamed and broke up with you.  You begin to panic! Continue reading

Are You In A Bad Mood Or Is It An Earth Bound Spirit Who Won’t Leave You Alone?

When the physical body dies people are not always ready to move on. They can choose to remain in the vibration they were at when embodied. They do not have more knowledge. They do not become more enlightened.  They are still subject to the sympathetic person. Why? They feel much more comfortable being in a physical body because that’s what they know. They do not and cannot (without permission) take over the body.  Their subconscious “programming” does influence the living person’s body and mind. If the person whose body in which a spirit attachment is in is sensitive to energy, that person will feel and react to the spirit attachments thoughts and emotions, not realizing they belong to someone else.

Spirit attachments are ‘Earth Bound’ meaning they are stuck in a limbo state even if they don’t realize it.  They are also stuck in the emotions and mind set ( Programmed beliefs) they had while embodied. Their mind set and emotions, as well as the aliments that affected them before passing away will affect the body they are attached to.  Sometimes it starts with anxiety or thoughts of impending doom, other times it starts with physical symptoms for aliments that the body does not have. Which leaves the doctor and the patient frustrated, confused or even misdiagnosed.

If you have an attachment, using the Pendulum or Muscle testing will be very inaccurate, as the thoughts of this person will affect the testing. You might be able to discover whether you have one or more spirit attachments with the following:  Test with the Pendulum these statements ( but substitute it with your name): “Kim’s Higher Self knows Kim to have a spirit attachment.” “Kim’s body has more than one spirit in it.” “Kim’s energy field has more than one spirit in it.”

 If you get a ‘yes’ to any of these, remain calm. It is like having a roommate. Subconsciously, you agreed to this roommate or he/she would not be with you. All this person needs to know is he/she has better choices.

In a quiet moment in your home point out these choices to the spirit(s) with you:

Close your eyes, breathe in and out to relax, then in your mind or out loud say “I am now my I am” and imagine that you are inside of an empty white room located in the center of your chest.  You can test “I am my I am” and “I am in my heart space” and if you get yes for both all you have to do is say “I am my I am and I command all beings that are not “Kim” get into this room now!”

In the ceiling of the while room there is a huge spot light as well as a huge sprinkler like the ones that go off when there is a fire in the room.

As the room fills with people who are not  “Kim” you may see them as people or just energy orbs or mist, it really does not matter how you see them because as soon as something appears either the sprinkler sprays them and they dissolve or the spot light turns on and they are vacuumed up into it like the old “beam me up scotty” on star trek.

This is the quantum way of doing things and is the best and most effective as well as easy way to do things. If you would like to do the old fashion way and communicate with the hitchhikers and find out who they are and why they are there you can surely do so.  In this case say “I am my I am and I command that any soul who has been in my body that is not me step forward now” then imagine on the back wall of the room a door.  The door will open and through it will come one being at a time.  Those who have been there the longest will come first or you can say “who ever is making me feel so depressed come forward now” for example.  Once they come forward you can ask who they are, how long they have been there, why they are there.  They may be confused, they may tell you that you are the dead one that you are actually in their body, I speak from experience on that one! Continue reading

Have You Found Your Goddess Within? Find Out.

What is Goddess energy? Is it still present today? There are many ancient symbols and Goddess’s that represent the strength of feminine energy.  The ancient Chinese symbol of The Yin and Yang shows that there is a balance between masculine and feminine forces. All energy comes from the Universal Source, when the energies reach the Earth Plane they split into male and female, as most persons gender is either male or female. Tradition masculine energy relates to the concept of force, war, and active protection. Feminine energy has to do with creativity, emotions, nurturing.

Today is International Women’s day. The purpose of International Women’s day is to support women and their values. There will be many large gatherings held today around the world, women are doing this to celebrate positive influence in the world and to request more acknowledgment of their many contributions.  Many people of various cultures are often surprised when a woman is in a leadership position in politics, business or academics. Most people are not used to being led by women in a public, rather than family setting. 

The power of women has been showcased in the past through prayers to Goddess’s that represented certain feminine qualities such as fertility, household guardians, new cycles, and beauty.  In order to find the goddess in you, one first needs to recognize the feminine energy that resides within their soul. This can be done through yoga, meditation, women’s gatherings and honoring the life force energy of our pregnant sisters. Gardening is another way to connect with mother earth and as we plant new seeds there is a connection to our own bodies: the seeds of life or eggs we carry within our ovaries. Planting of the seed into the earth represents the fetus in the womb. Anyone who has ever grown anything whether it be a plant, flower or vegetable has participated in using their feminine powers. The sun, that allows the plant to grow, is a masculine energy/Yang energy. The water used to contribute to the plant growth is a female energy, Yin force.  This is a good example of how the Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine powers come together to create abundance, beauty, and flow. 

By understanding the ways that you nourish, support, and treat yourself and others you will understand more about your own feminine energy. Taking a stand personally and collectively for solutions with integrity is another way to manifest the power of the Goddess’s. 

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces

Today,  Sunday February 26th, 2017 we are experiencing a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces.  What does this mean for you?  Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It is the culmination of the Spirit and Karmic lessons of all the other signs.  It relates to the alchemical blend of all that we receive from Spirit, The Other side, our Spirit Teachers and Masters.

It is a great day for Meditation, and healing. Go for a walk on the beach or surrounding yourself in nature that allows you to breathe and have peace of mind and soul. Music and artistic creativity are also ruled by the sign of Pisces. An Art project, art gallery,  or listening to your favorite music would be highly beneficial and assist you with your progression.  Pisces is ruled by the mysterious planet, Neptune. Neptune rules the Astral World where many invisible energies lie.  These energies can be used for channeling and self awareness. Alternative medical treatments such as Reiki, Aroma Therapy and Massage are more effective at this time.  Make an appointment with your healer!

A deep stirring within the personal unconscious and collective unconscious is more available today than on any other ordinary day. Your dreams may reveal to you what your next steps are in your progression.  Symbolism is the language that dreams speak to us in. They may seem confusing or illogical,  but the message once deciphered is very powerful. If you do not understand what your dream means, meditate on it. Also, remember that everyone in the dream is an aspect of you. Try and interpret your dreams through the eyes of the others in it and that will give you a clue as to its meaning. Continue reading

The Struggle Of Being An Empath

As an Empath we are constantly catering to other’s to be their strength. We feel as if it is our duty to help people in difficult times or traumatic events. Which is entirely true, there is nothing wrong with sharing your love and helping your friends and family when they are in need. There comes a time in every empaths life that we must stop doing so much for everyone on the outside and start turning inward and doing things for ourselves.

You will come to the realization that it is by no means selfish to protect your energy and align with yourself to make sure that you are serving your greatest and highest good. You will then find out who your true friends are and people that actually care for your well being. Most empaths unfortunately have “Energy Vampires” these individuals solely have a relationship with you because it is beneficial to them. They feed off of your energy, and while they are feeling uplifted, you are feeling drained. The ones the truly care want you to be the best version of yourself for you and for them. Stop compromising your happiness for someone else.

One of the most important things to master is self-love. Many empaths i have encountered always express how important it is to them to make other’s feel good and happy because it makes them feel good! Which again is true but you know you’re on your true healing path when you feel the need to turn inward and love yourself first.  You will experience genuine love when you learn to love yourself and not look outside for your ultimate happiness.

It is so important to take care and connect with yourself. As empaths we some times get into little funks because we are constantly exerting our caring energy to everyone else because thats who we are.  If you’re finding yourself unhappy change your patterns. Stop surrounding yourself with negative energy that lowers your vibration and start loving yourself!

We often forget to release all of the energy that we absorb from everyone and everything all day. Take time, even  fifteen minutes before you go to sleep to meditate and allow yourself to connect to your higher being .  I know it sounds so cliché but all of the answers you need are inside.  Feel gratitude for everything in your life, including the hardships for it is giving you strength to overcome an obstacle later, on crazy path of life!