Have You Found Your Goddess Within? Find Out.

What is Goddess energy? Is it still present today? There are many ancient symbols and Goddess’s that represent the strength of feminine energy.  The ancient Chinese symbol of The Yin and Yang shows that there is a balance between masculine and feminine forces. All energy comes from the Universal Source, when the energies reach the Earth Plane they split into male and female, as most persons gender is either male or female. Tradition masculine energy relates to the concept of force, war, and active protection. Feminine energy has to do with creativity, emotions, nurturing.

Today is International Women’s day. The purpose of International Women’s day is to support women and their values. There will be many large gatherings held today around the world, women are doing this to celebrate positive influence in the world and to request more acknowledgment of their many contributions.  Many people of various cultures are often surprised when a woman is in a leadership position in politics, business or academics. Most people are not used to being led by women in a public, rather than family setting. 

The power of women has been showcased in the past through prayers to Goddess’s that represented certain feminine qualities such as fertility, household guardians, new cycles, and beauty.  In order to find the goddess in you, one first needs to recognize the feminine energy that resides within their soul. This can be done through yoga, meditation, women’s gatherings and honoring the life force energy of our pregnant sisters. Gardening is another way to connect with mother earth and as we plant new seeds there is a connection to our own bodies: the seeds of life or eggs we carry within our ovaries. Planting of the seed into the earth represents the fetus in the womb. Anyone who has ever grown anything whether it be a plant, flower or vegetable has participated in using their feminine powers. The sun, that allows the plant to grow, is a masculine energy/Yang energy. The water used to contribute to the plant growth is a female energy, Yin force.  This is a good example of how the Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine powers come together to create abundance, beauty, and flow. 

By understanding the ways that you nourish, support, and treat yourself and others you will understand more about your own feminine energy. Taking a stand personally and collectively for solutions with integrity is another way to manifest the power of the Goddess’s. 

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