Pisces Rule Dreams and Meditation

Today March 17th, 2017 is the celebration of St. Patricks Day! St. Patrick was born in 387 A.D. and died in 461 A.D, he was birthed in Britain. At age 16 he was captured by Irish Pirates and lived as a slave in Ireland for 6 years.

During that time his assignment was to be a Shepard. He spent almost all of his days and nights alone with the sheep, and had little human contact except for the cruelty of his captures. He spent his days and nights praying and meditating to be liberated from his situation.

One night he had a prophet dream that told him to run away the following day to a dock where he miraculously found a boat to take him back home to Britain. He was then reunited with his family and became a bishop. St. Patrick was known as a healer in Ireland and many children/adults followed him in order to receive his blessing of luck, health and faith. 

His story is similar to many of ours. We are “kidnapped” by our culture that does not allow for the souls expression. Many of us live in the slavery of not being able to express our True Self. During his capture he spent many hours tuning into his soul. Each of us have a place in our life that we need to meditate on so we can also become free and live the life that allows us to use our gifts.  So many people have received special messages thru their dreams that direct them into a better pathway. St. Patrick is someone who paid attention to those dreams and acted upon them. 

How do you respond when you receive an inspirational dream that feels real and resonates strongly with you?

St. Patricks Day is celebrated during the Zodiac season of the sign Pisces. Pisces rules meditation, prayer, dreams, beliefs and music. Pisces also rules alcohol (green beer), they are extremely psychic and sensitive. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions tied together by a string. This symbolizes that Pisces can always see both sides of a situation. Many Pisces make great healers and artists including painters, dancers, musicians and actors.  A strong Pisces will find a solution and a weak Pisces will float through life without taking any direction. 

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