Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

E N E R G Y…. Although I have been an energy healer, channeler, and Spiritual Intuitive for about 7 years now I STILL think the word “energy” sounds SO new age-ish, don’t you?  Let me simplify and demystify this simple word’s meaning, and explain what healers like myself know energy to be.

Energy = Free floating emotions and thoughts. That is way more simple than you thought it would be, right?

Now that you know this I would like to invite you to take a moment after you read this article and think back to a time when you were in a GREAT mood, TOTALLY loving life, then you walked into a house or business and immediately felt edgy, or even angry, for no reason what so ever!  It has happened to me countless times and unfortunately, before I understood “energy”, it’s effect on me, was the basis of my depression, anxiety, and several other issues I struggled though for 16 years.

In 2009 I developed the ability to SEE energy, auras, angels and spirit guides with my eyes so I became driven to understand how it all worked.  I quickly learned that my sudden mood shifts we’re caused by another person’s energy, or free floating thoughts and emotions, entering into what I call my snow globe or in other words my personal bubble and field of consciousness.  The mood shift I would experience as their energy came into my snow globe was due to my brain processing those experiences as my own.

Here’s an example: Let’s say it’s date night at the house.  All is great, but you need to run out to buy butter for the popcorn.  You happily trot on out to the store while your happy date patiently waits for you to get back. While at the store you get rung up by a lady whose spouse is FURIOUS with her!  She does not share this with you.  In fact, you hardly say a few words and then smile and wave goodbye.  Five minutes later you walk through the door of your house and you get a nagging feeling that your date is FURIOUS at you!  Your mind scans for
reasons…. Did I take too long?  Did I buy the wrong butter?  Your mind pulls up a memory of a time 5 years ago when you were late for a date and your partner at that time yelled and screamed and broke up with you.  You begin to panic!

Meanwhile, your emotions start to build into defensiveness because you know you didn’t do anything wrong!  WHY is he SO FURIOUS!?  Although you can’t seem to think of why he could be mad, your mind (usually in the background) will continue to scan for reasons as to why that cashiers energy is actually your own.   This is the “minds” job!  To process the energy that passes through “our bubble” and find a person, a place, a memory, that matches the energy it is encountering.  In this case the cashier’s energy of being in trouble with her spouse got into your field and now you are absolutely positive that without a fraction of a doubt you are in BIG BIG trouble!  You even have a SICK feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may even think it’s your intuition telling you something!!  Has anything similar EVER happened to you?

This “phenomenon” is SERIOUSLY how most fights start not only between lovers and family, but most misunderstandings in the work place revolve around messy energy and the assumptions that we allow our minds to pull from our data base of past experiences that come with it.  All it takes is one person assuming one thing based on a “gut feeling” they get about why a coworker/family member happens to be doing something and then things start to spiral out from there.

So let’s go back to the happy couple watching their movie.  If she doesn’t realize QUICKLY that she picked up the cashier’s “my husband is so mad he is going to leave me because I cheated on him” energy she will most likely give him the silent treatment all night because he is not telling her why he is REALLY mad at her and then he will turn around and assume she has done something wrong and start accusing her (out loud or with in his own mind) of things she did not do.  Do you see where I am going with this???

This can happen with ANYTHING because we are all big bubbles that I like to refer to as snow globes of emotions living our lives and most people, especially those under age 65 are empathic.  Empathic people can feel other people’s emotions and if they are not very careful they will go through life experiencing things based on emotions that are not all theirs.  I believe that mental illness, addiction, alcoholism, and most of the “disabilities” children are being labeled with these days are stemmed from the human ability to feel other’s emotions and read other’s minds while being completely unaware that we are doing so.

Starting right now if you want to see how sensitive you are to energy and you want to see how it all works I invite you to just say in your head “Higher self I ask that you stay connected to me and make me aware of the energy that should not be in my snow globe and I ask that you remove it immediately so that it does not effect me”.

Then all you have to do is notice what you notice when you go from one place to another running errands or to a friend’s house.  Also, notice how work feels when you are there alone as opposed to when certain people arrive.  Places change with the people that are in them.  If you notice that your mood changes instantly at ANYTIME and that the mood is not going away as the higher self removes the energy it may mean that you are holding onto the energy for some reason.  It is usually because the energy represents something you have personally gone through so your mind wants to solve it and therefore hangs onto it fordear life.  If this is the case rather than experiencing the emotions of that awful break up from 2005 all over again you can do the following: (at the bottom there is a video that walks you though this)

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and say in your head: “I am a snow globe.” Imagine that you are the statue in the middle of a snow globe with snowflakes and water swirling all around you.  Feel what it feels like to be in your snow globe then say “I am alone in my snow globe, I am my creator self” and imagine a HUGE ball of bright white or golden light dropping down over you, into your snow globe, down through your head, through your body and out your feet into the center of the earth where anyone or anything that is not you and that is not in alignment with your highest self will be flushed away from you and transmuted into unconditional love using the energy of the earth and the white light above you.  This can take you 30 minutes if you want to make it a meditation or you can do it in 20 seconds when walking into the office.  The key here is the you are becoming aware of the energy around you and learning that you and only you are in control of it and if something or someone has energy around them that makes you feel badly, you can protect yourself and clear yourself regardless of the situation because you are the creator of your own reality!

Now, go about your day and maybe just maybe this week you can make it through with out any arguments or mood swings. haha!  YEAH right, huh?  But hey, let’s give it a shot anyway!

By: Marisa Moris

Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Medium

14 thoughts on “Protect Yourself From Negative Energy”

  1. I do feel Im a sensitive…and I do t just pick up energy…I feel my soul is being assaulted by certain malicious people. Like they are thinking or feeling bad stuff, and it’s being aimed at me. It weird because I feel like I’ve been bullied on and off my whole life, and I have…and I feel it’s by unhappy people who sense Im different, and sensitive…and no other reason than I am different. I haven’t done anything to anyone to deserve this treatment. My childhood was rough because of bullying. I know I have had spiritual experiences since I was a young toddler. As far as I know, nobody but a cousin has the same experiences.

    Some of my experiences include seeing and feeling energy, seeing deceased people, prophetic dreams, clairsentience, and empathy. I’ve seen people’s death before they died, I’ve seen half a dozen people after they died.

    I’ve found out about people’s deaths because I Saw them after they died, that’s how I found out because I hadn’t seen them in a long time, I didn’t know they had died. I’ve seen some of my ancestors lives that they lived, and their deaths…who died long before I was born. This stuff started as a toddler, and I wonder if it was brought on by NDEs as a baby. I almost died 3 times.

    I’ve been in mid conversation with people and see visions right over their face as we are talking, or bubbles right over there heads( just like in cartoons) that show their past or future, or what they are thinking. There’s so much more.

    I really need to protect myself…and Iv started drinking to numb my nervous system, which seems to be on overdrive without my permission.

    I feel like a walking ghost, that anybod can attack me…and I can’t protect myself.

    I work, and one of my coworkers is a drunk…and he comes to work drunk, and he has a lot of problems. The manager won’t do anything, and this guy is always around me…he trained me. And his job is literally right by my desk…and it affects me.

    I don’t know what to do anymore…

    1. I’m an empath much like you…get AWAY from that work trainer environment ASAP! Run Forest run:)
      I had a very similar experience and instead of quitting waited to be ‘laid off’ so that I would qualify for unemployment. So much more to my story. Now living with and caring for my negative energy in laws!
      Please email me or text 760-805-4877 , so we can support each other! Melba Clark
      Email: [email protected]

    2. Thank you for sharing, i would like to offer some suggestions and some observations. I like you am also very sensitive, and have only found life to be bearably and now a positive experience through further understanding the mind(using the enneagram. Simply try not to fix, or change others opinions and thoughts, just work on yourself. Remember that YOU have the ability to thing positively or negatively. Focus on the positive, talk about the positive, dont try to fix the negative(problem solving). Your environment seems to be a negative one , this is no surprise for two reasons, you view it that way and because us humans where never designed to live the way we do in offices, indoors, slaving for money, etc(i could go on. I would suggest a few things, focus on mediation and spending time in nature, spend more time with happy positive people, these tend to be those who spend more time in nature and are less money focused. Also i have found that accepting a thought is there, understand the thoughts power and saying to myself”its a thought, thats ok, i dont need to focus on it, i will focus on a goal that is within my control and will benefit the people around me. I believe this can help you, all the Best Mark

    3. Thank you for sharing. I can relate to your story. I have been in tune with paranormal energy my whole life. At first I didn’t realize what was going on. When I first felt the bad energy I thought it was an irrational fear.. that just happened to feel like it was sitting right on my shoulders. It took many years and lots of research and prayer to realize exactly what was going on with me. When I started seeing the spirits or entities it really wasn’t much of a surprise. I’ve seen spirits of all kinds, a demon, an angel… I’ve been harassed by them and I feel my whole life could be an episode of paranormal activity.
      It’s not just the entities I have to worry about. I feel like my whole life has been sabotaged. I don’t understand how people can be as cruel as they are. I had a few people try to destroy my life just because they THOUGHT they could. I still have problems I can’t explain nor do I know who is behind it. I’m dealing with someone trying to break my boyfriend and my relationship to shreads. They have put me on dating and hook up sites, put up personal pictures they got from hacking our phones and made it look like I have my own website. It has got downright dirty. It’s hard to center myself sometimes. MOST TIMES. This life is so crazy but I find strength sometimes in the most obscure places. Or I should say I find my own strength in the strangest ways. I know I can’t give up. I have to remind myself of the people that have told me that I have changed their lives. The ones I’ve influenced and inspired and put my feelings to the side. You’re not alone and you are loved

    4. Know that you are not alone. Many of us feel these things, and we aren’t all sure how to cope, either, bit knowing that we aren’t alone is somehow comforting.

    5. Hey, I had fairly similar experiences although mine showed up less through clairevoyance and more through clairesentience (Clear feeling). Do a pyschic bubble around yourself, just imagine a white light around you holding and protecting your aura( or snow globe as they call it here ). But hopefully you can find a more suitable place but until that time, doing some sort of protection would help.

      Drinking for a sensitive person generally really doesn’t help. My body and mind is just too sensitive for it. I didn’t understand why my friends could handle drinking but I would go funny for weeks.. sometimes months or years. Get intune with yourself… Your body knows how to take care of you.

      All the best,

  2. Yes, I have had psychic experiences on and off through out my life. What’s worse, is when so,ebony directly sends you negative energy out of jealousy and malice. That’s very painful.

    I had a jealous best friend from childhood. I ended up cuttingly contact with her, because she was doing some seriously bad things to me and I was putting up with it. She moved out of state, and we lost all contact. She found me on fb, and I hadn’t talked to her in 10 years, so I decided to be forgiving and let her back in. To me it was social media, so it was safe.

    One day, my sister and I had went shopping to redecorate my room…we were having suck a good time, and went out to eat. I was driving us home, when I had a very agitated and anxiety ridden change of mood. It was hard driving home, because it turned into panic attacks…I couldn’t understand it. I thought it was because of the drive, maybe.

    But when we got to her house to drop her off, and we were out of the vehicle…the feelings intensified even more. We went into her house, and she checked her social media, and we were just hanging about…and I kept telling her, I’m having very bad panic attacks, and anxiety….I dont know what is wrong.

    My sister shrugged it off, and asked if I wanted to check my fb…I thought it would get my mind off the anxiety attacks, so I did.

    I had a friend request…from a fake profile. The person wrote me a message and said some really disgusting lies. She said she wanted to see pics of my kids, and that she had a child with my husband and he was cheating on me with her.

    This was back in 2008, so I was fairly new to social media, and was shocked to see someone would do something like that.

    Come to find out, she used her friends picture to do this…a friend who she had many pics up of them together on her own social media.

    That’s how I found out it was her. I quickly got rid of her, because there was no reason other than her childish jealousy to do something like that…even thought I got rid of her, she spent the next 10 years using social media and making fake profiles, to harass other women and pretend she was me.,and acting like I was sleeping with their husbands…even harassing mutual friends, and my husbands old girlfriends from high school…pretending she was me on fake accounts. She even tried to harass my 11 year old son on social media.

    Then she lied and told everybody it was me, doing it to her…when I tried talking to her…she gas lighted me.

    I don’t use Social media anymore….and I have never been harassed like this before…this woman has been jealous of me my whole life.

    How do you protect yourself against predators, jealousy, evilness…and is karma real?

    Also, Im sensitive…I could feel her energy from across the country. I can feel people’s bad motives and intentions…I need to protect myself, somehow.

    I chalk the fake profile up to immaturity and derangement, but the feelings….felt like I was assaulted over and over. I feel she still does it, I think part of it is mental illness and the other part is jealousy. She went into the same profession as me, she drives the same vehicle, she is dating my ex from high school, and she finds out things from other people, or sites that give her acces to buy info.

    I don’t know what she is capable of, but I told my family if anything ever happens to me….check her out first.

    1. I have also had similar sorts of predators in my life. I had to literally flee to another state and drop “off grid” for a while, and I hate to sound so flippant about death, but I must admit that I was sad, but relieved to find out that the king-pin (my uncle) of the family that was gaslighting, scapegoating, harrassing and threatening me had finally passed on, due to a heart attack. His children and widow aren’t organized enough to cause me much in the way of further trouble, so I am now free of it all.

      Anyway, know that you are loved and are not alone in this. Karma has a way of catching up with people, and divine justice will ultimately have its way.

    2. I disagree that those at or over 65 are not empathic. I just turned 65 though highly relate to all you wrote re empathic abilities. I say there is age is no age limit.

    1. I am so blown away that I was lead to your site! Much less found this article you wrote that FINALLY EXPLAINS HOW I AM!!! I have grown up always feeling different and still do because I never understood what was wrong with me. I am a Pisces & MASSIVE EMPETHIC . To be honest I have always felt it was a curse due to it causing so many problems in my life and NO ONE to discuss or help me understand! You NAILED exactly how I feel like you know me. I am still having problems learning how to NOT allow others to enter my “snow globe”. I am different in ways others would not get & would think I am just crazy talking. I have been told these are gifts and to use them. How does one use gifts if they don’t understand them and have no clue where to go to develop them? I am 38 and the older I get the stronger they get. THANK YOU for your site. I have saved it and am reading it. I feel like a house was just lifted off my shoulders.

      1. That’s so great Aly!
        I recommend reading Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch; or at the very least a review of the trilogy!

        It may help a lot!

      2. Aly,

        Me too!!! I literally just discovered this about myself! What you said is exactly what’s been happening to me. It’s so nice to have this knowledge so one doesn’t think it’s themselves. I’ve always been psychic about things, but never knew I was picking up other people’s energy and as I’ve been meditating more and more and connecting to higher consciousness and opening my third eye it’s been getting stronger. Yikes! Thankfully I am FINALLY aware it’s not me and learning to “ask” when I’m feeling something weird “why am I feeling that” “where did that come from out of the blue?”so I can acknowledge it and recognize it’s not me and so my higher self can answer me and I can figure it where it’s coming from so I can detach from it.

        I too am looking to learn how to develop my power/gift and understand it as well! So crazy to even be saying all of this honestly. I never thought in a million years I would be talking like this, especially because I know a lot of people would think it’s crazy talk, but….you can’t deny it when you’re picking that stuff up. It’s so strong.

        I actually went to a psychic (which I’ve NEVER DONE) to ask her how she protects herself and try to get some guidance on how to understand it all because I just really need answers for it and wanted to understand what the different things mean. :o

        THANK YOU so much Tay for posting and sharing this info! Helps so much to know this stuff is real and it’s not just Craziness one can’t understand.

        Love, light and happy blessings to you both!

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