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6 Ways Processed Food Can Damage Your Brain

  1. Junk Food is designed to seamlessly hack your brain chemicals

‘Serotonin hack’ – Junk Food is shamelessly taming & abusing your brain chemicals, especially the good – happy ones – Serotonin & Dopamine. Giant food corporations end up spending millions of dollars in researching the most addictive level of crunch in the French fries and the right amount of salt-sugar combination so that you can have a sudden rush or flood of serotonin in your brain.

brain on food cover

Serotonin rush is a ‘high’. A high that suddenly elevates your mood & makes you feel better emotionally. You end up emotional eating. And unlike Endorphins or Anandamide-induced ‘high’, a Serotonin-induced high doesn’t last long. So your brain desires more of that; ending in a perpetual cycle to crave for unhealthy junk food.

‘Memory response hack’ – After a really stressed out day atwork, your Serotonin levels were really low causing you to feel withdrawal or anxiety and sending you in search of food. What better than junk food that gets you chemically high? You eat a very satisfying burger meal. Your brain suddenly starts feeling so good. And you are trapped in a ‘memory response’ hack now. Whenever you will smell, see, hear or read about that particular food, your brain will trigger those happy memory responses that came when you ate it; ending in a perpetual cycle to crave for unhealthy junk food. Continue reading

The Science of Sun-Gazing: NASA Confirms That We Can Actually “Eat The Sun”

The title may have taken you off guard, but like all the other things in life you have to read between the lines and decipher the real meaning that is evident here. To start, let us focus our attention on a fairly ancient practice known as Sun-gazing, which has been practiced all over the world in various cultures and religions. Sun gazing, also known as the art of eating the sun, is very much like it sounds. It basically involves staring at the sun during particular periods of time when the UV radiations being emitted from the sun are lowest during the day. This practice has been claimed to be one of the most privileged and clarity-bringing processes that has been accessible to us as humans.

The practice of sun gazing has been attributed with the power to give the practitioner superhuman abilities. These include psychic abilities, telekinesis, and speculatively, even the ability to fly!

The basic practice involves starting the process slowly and then advancing gradually to the complete fulfillment of the same. At the start, the practitioner, also known as the sun-eater or sun gazer starts by gazing at the sun for ten seconds in the wee hours of morning or evening or both.shutterstock_370182893

The practice has to be done while standing barefoot on the ground which has to be on dirt, sand or mud. Then the progress happens by increasing the time by ten seconds everyday so that the eyes can get accustomed to the light and heat from the sun.

The practice is done till the practitioner can stare at the sun for 45 minutes in all without discomfort or wincing. The practitioner then needs to walk barefoot for everyday so that he/she can transmit the energy they gained from the Sun to the Earth.   Continue reading