The Science of Sun-Gazing: NASA Confirms That We Can Actually “Eat The Sun”

The title may have taken you off guard, but like all the other things in life you have to read between the lines and decipher the real meaning that is evident here. To start, let us focus our attention on a fairly ancient practice known as Sun-gazing, which has been practiced all over the world in various cultures and religions. Sun gazing, also known as the art of eating the sun, is very much like it sounds. It basically involves staring at the sun during particular periods of time when the UV radiations being emitted from the sun are lowest during the day. This practice has been claimed to be one of the most privileged and clarity-bringing processes that has been accessible to us as humans.

The practice of sun gazing has been attributed with the power to give the practitioner superhuman abilities. These include psychic abilities, telekinesis, and speculatively, even the ability to fly!

The basic practice involves starting the process slowly and then advancing gradually to the complete fulfillment of the same. At the start, the practitioner, also known as the sun-eater or sun gazer starts by gazing at the sun for ten seconds in the wee hours of morning or evening or both.shutterstock_370182893

The practice has to be done while standing barefoot on the ground which has to be on dirt, sand or mud. Then the progress happens by increasing the time by ten seconds everyday so that the eyes can get accustomed to the light and heat from the sun.

The practice is done till the practitioner can stare at the sun for 45 minutes in all without discomfort or wincing. The practitioner then needs to walk barefoot for everyday so that he/she can transmit the energy they gained from the Sun to the Earth.  

Walking barefoot has been linked with stimulating the essential glands and parts of the brain in order to mediate a spiritual transformation in the person and awaken him/her to their fullest potential. One of the main glands that are activated by this process is the pineal gland, which has also been called the vestigial third eye.

NASA has inherently documented this practice and its spell-binding effects on Hira Raten Manek of India, who has been heralded as the quintessential sun eater who has been a pioneer in terms of spreading the ideals of this practice and making people aware about it. According to the documented estimations of the trials conducted by NASA on Hira Raten Manek, the practice had given him intense endurance as well as perfect health.

He did not feel the need for any type of external energy in the form of food and other supplements. In other words, the practice had made him a self-sufficient being with immense energy levels. The practice of sun gazing as a whole has been said to charge the brain to the fullest extent in such a way that the person himself becomes a beacon of inspiration and light, not much unlike the sun itself.


But, some of the things related to the practice can be directly projected as a duality. This means that the practice will show you the immense contradiction and dual-nature that nature projects itself in terms of. There are various analogies and comparisons that can be done while looking for inspiration from nature. In case of the sun, the relentless energy which has the power to burn off your skin and turn you blind completely, can also act as a beacon of light, without which life on Earth would not be possible.

On one side, the sun shows you for what you are, which may be hard to understand given the fact that acceptance is not always a sugar-coated pill. On the other hand, the sun also shows you what you can be, with the immense power to give life and inspiration to other beings, and also be a store of immense positive energy and information for others to learn from.

The most divine part of this whole practice (and the purpose of this article as well) is that we have a choice in each and every moment of our lives. We can either choose to shine like the afternoon sun, relentlessly pouring its harsh and burning energy on us, so much that it can literally fry you in the open.shutterstock_228375559

On the other hand, we also have the choice to be pleasant like the morning or evening sun, by being a beacon for inspiration, calmness and serenity for all around us.

But in the end, the most important fact to remember from this whole practice is that the beautiful morning sun, the complacent evening sun and the relentless afternoon sun are all the same celestial body and not three different entities.

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  1. What about the documentary that debunked essentially all of these claims, caught Hira sneaking into a literal buffet, and show significant retinal scarring in the eyes of a “sun eater”?

  2. When l was still in Greece in the sumner house the house is uphill l use to do the sun gazing early morning. But l was not able ti reach the 45 minutes.

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