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3 Steps to Becoming the True Master of Your Life

Are you aware you are a magnificent multidimensional being of light compressed into this physical form to help raise the consciousness of the collective and share your truest nature, your Essence, with the world?

Your deepest light Essence is held within an ethereal womb located in your lower abdomen – what we call in Traditional Chinese Medicine the lower ‘Dan Tian’. The lower Dan Tian is an energy center that lies at the very roots of your life and forms the foundation for your earthly existence. It is the center that holds your Jing, which the ancient Chinese referred to as ‘Essence’.

The quality and quantity of your Essence is determined at the time of conception when the Essence of your mother combines with that of your father. At this point the heavenly influences from the stars and planets make their imprint; all this combined creates a blueprint which you carry throughout your entire life. This sacred blueprint determines your vitality, personality and ancestral karma; it is who you are in this lifetime, which signifies the deep sacredness of this Essence. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]

Over the course of your life your Essence steadily diminishes. When it is all used up it signals the end of this earthly life and your spirit will leave your body, since this sacred substance serves as an ethereal anchor to hold your Spirit in your body. Modern day living is not designed to honour and nourish your vitality. Your diet and lifestyle, but most of all the state of your consciousness, greatly influence the quality and quantity of your Essence.

In order to live a healthy, vital and fully empowered life and step into your magnificence it is essential for you to understand how to nourish your Essence, which is an ancient and almost forgotten sacred art. The art of nourishing this sacred substance is to build it up to a point of absolute abundance that it naturally spills over into the collective to help heal it. The mark of a well-nourished self is the ability to nourish others.

So how do you build and nourish your Essence, because the world needs you to be your most empowered and magnificent self?

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Claim Your Deepest Desires with Tonight’s Super Moon in Aries

The full moon is a time for the most potent access to manifesting your dreams. It is a time when your thoughts and emotions become magnetised to attract the exact reality that matches what you imagine. Think about how the ocean is affected by the full and new moon, the alignment of the sun and moon create a potency that change the pull of the tides on the planet. Humans can be up to eighty percent water, just think of how that affects our internal processes! Not only is this a full moon but a super moon meaning that it is closer in Earth orbit than usual causing a stronger magnetism and appearance in the sky.

shutterstock_428350072This cycle the moon is in Aries, if you don’t know anything about this type of energy it is the spark of life, the electromagnetic energy that illuminates everything around us! In astrology, Aries is a fire sign, symbolic to when life enters the womb; when the seed merges with an egg to weaving into a living, breathing, heart beating being. The ram is the animal associated with this sign and the power is in the strength of the spiralized horns, the sacred structure that can withhold huge force upon contact, the energy of forward moving momentum that Aries creates.

We are in the Hunter’s Moon which follows the Harvest Moon, the changing of the seasons is a time when we have gathered all of the resources from the previous cycle,we must leave what we have acquired and feel comfortable with and release into the unknown. Picture this time as transitional, Spring and Fall are the times to shift gears; when the energy of openness, of newness is available to set a new intention. This time of year is like the womb in ovulation ready to be fertilized, there is the emptiness yet availability of creation.

Rather than when we move into Summer or Winter, seasons that are more about the process of growth of the ideas and intentions we have planted in the Spring or Fall. Summer is about the expansion or growth process which expends energy and Winter about the falling away or letting your energy become nourished. The harvest time from Summer is the time you are collecting what you have sowed in the Spring time and then as we reap the fields of all the growth to let all of the old revelations die away to open to the new. Although this energy is disappointing to some because it is not about tangible results, there is potency in this energetic sedation because there is access to the “parting of the veil” or the realm where all potential lies.

This time period is similar to the primordial sludge that the caterpillar must disintegrate into to become the butterfly the spirit of this time is about endless and undefinable possibility. Floating in the realms where all life returns to and comes from, that connecting wisdom, the endless mystery of the moment to come. I picture it as a time to reach into the deepest layer of your essence, the time to remember why you have come here, why your ancestors came, where they succeeded and fail as well as what you want for your future self.

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The Transformational Festival That Is Creating Change By Setting Up Sustainable Communities

Oh how we love our transformational festivals!

For so many of us they have guided and shaped chapters of our lives, inspiring us, exposing our souls to new truths, to incredible workshops, art, beloved friends, community and deeply moving music that stays with us throughout the year. They are called transformational festivals for a reason, because when you come to one you leave changed. And yet the transformational festival scene is also going through its own metamorphosis. There are many of us who have been forged by this culture that are starting to recognize certain patterns and trends within the scene that no longer serve our highest alignment or excitement.

Whether it’s the stress packed, pressure cooker, blood sweat and tears style of event production in this current model, the abuse of alcohol, the amount of over stimulation, lack of rest or the heavy environmental impact; many of us are feeling it’s time for a change. I believe that this change is a natural evolution for our culture as we move towards a new story together.

This evolution is not about making anyone wrong for their choices, it’s really about following the highest excitement of creating something that will serve the future generations of our planet, have a more sustainable initiative and build systems that are a holistic win win for everybody. It’s about harnessing our collective energy  in a direction that can have a higher impact on shifting our planetary paradigm and begin to anchor a new cultural narrative.

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As the title of 2016’s Lucidity Festival’s proclaimed “Cross Roads” this year, it certainly was the perfect name for where we find ourselves now as a culture, and really as a planetary culture. With some of the most clear signs, significant changes and alarming statistics happening in our world, from the environmental, to the political arena, and economics; across the board times are changing rapidly. Continue reading

Will You Step Through The Lionsgate Opening On August 8th?

There are many aspects to this stargate and I am going to be going through the significance of this event as well as how to utilize this time to it greatest ability. If you are listening this is the perfect time to ignite your energy power generator!

For thousands of years, this time of year has been told to hold a huge influx of energy that comes through around August eighth of each year. This portal has been called the infinity portal or the Lion’s Gate, an energetic activation of the numbers 8/8, August: eighth month, in the sign of Leo the lion, on the eighth day of the year.       [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]

The Month of the Lion

shutterstock_379107568Right now we are in the astrological sign of Leo and this lion is a natural leader when all aspects are balanced. When the Leo is in it’s center and balanced it expands not only a quiet and powerful confidence like that of a Lion but also a generous and magnanimous heart.

The planet that is also linked to Leo is the Sun and the Sun is starting to go into it’s accelerated ignition. Scientist Nassim Haramein talks about his theory about the true meaning of the Mayan calendar’s 2012 event actually being the completion of a solar cycle that takes hundreds of thousands of years come full circle. Continue reading

The World is Not Falling Apart; The Veil of World-Wide Corruption is Lifting


We are here to watch it all come down and there is a ray of hope in and amongst this storm!

Praying for the World, holding the vision <3

I have been on fire these past couple of months with everything happening around the world. The old world most of us have grown up in, that we found familiar, appears to be going up in flames. As I watch this blatant inferno, my mind immediately starts to label it as a crumbling wasteland of utter chaos. As I invite that notion in, it swirls around my brain bringing forth the question, “ What can I do? What can we do but to watch it all crash to the ground?”

I can feel (along with most likely many of you who are reading this article) that we have been in the midst of a dark agenda playing out for hundreds of years causing the deterioration of humanity in the form of our inherent human consciousness as well as our beloved Earthly environment.


In my opinion, the darkness is a natural fluctuation in time (seems foreign, even removed to say), we are very much still in the Dark Ages!

Yes, we may have moved away from visibly decapitating people for speaking their truth but we are still very much in the infancy as a mass “civilization” waking up out of solely the physical planes into the higher uses of consciousness.

I am not speaking of superhuman intuitive powers like telekinesis, teleportation via the mind (remote viewing) or mind reading (although I believe, those are abilities we were and are very much capable of) but I am more speaking of the simple ability for example, to know that although we are in this physical body, we are animated by and connected to spirit itself! Continue reading

Your Guide on How to Thrive This Year – During 8 Planets in Retrograde

What Does 8 Planets in Retrograde Actually Mean and Why Should You Care?

This planetary positioning hasn’t happened in our solar system for over ten years, 

here is your guide to thriving during this pivotal time. 

When a planet goes retrograde, it visually appears to orbit around Earth backwards, but isn’t actually. It just appears this way in our solar system, and therefore in astrological charting. If you are a sensitive or intuitive person, then you have been feeling within the last six to ten months the major shifts not only on the planet by seeing the uprising of people demanding equality but also within your personal life!

When any planet moves into a retrograde position, it is a time that most people in the esoteric community have a strong negative connotation attached to it because it usually preempts a time of change; they talk about it being a destructive time!

For example, Mercury in Retrograde: you are instructed not to make any major decisions, not to travel, and not to make any big new purchases or sign any contracts. These periods of time when a planet goes Retrograde last about a month to six weeks but since all of the planets have decided to go virtually at once, the strategy of just waiting out the storm is really not an option.

You can follow those old rules if you would like but these influences from all of the planets are not going to go direct until December of 2016!  Since July of 2015, starting with Venus, we have had and will have, every planet within our solar system go retrograde! We haven’t seen this many planets going retrograde in almost 10 years!

That is why I am here to give my opinion (take it with a grain of salt) and be your humble guide to the universe on how to survive emotionally and thrive physically, into a new resonance!

shutterstock_396419296The first step is to understand what retrograde energy is actually trying to communicate to your personal energetic field and auric system. Within everything in the entire universe, is an in breath, and an outward breath, inhale and exhale, creation and death. One energy is about expansion and the other is about implosion or going back to source.

When planets are direct they are in the Yang or the masculine-creation phase of energy; it is penetrative, action oriented and externally experienced. This form of collective consciousness supports you to work with other people, to be seen in front of others and be exposed to comfortable environments that are familiar enough to dominate with your belief structure. This energy often encourages you to engage in an outward experience.

When a planet is retrograde, it is the in the Yin or feminine-transformation version of when a planet is direct in our solar system, meaning it is a time for a more introverted and more independently experienced form of reality. This is a time that if you are used to getting guidance from external factors or finding your value or worth through other people, places or things; these illusions will become extremely tangible and will manifest externally in your environment.

I think it is also difficult during this time because Planetary Retrograde positioning is a feminine energy in a realm and paradigm that is based off of masculine energy! Meaning retrograde energy wants you to live at the pace like you are on vacation at a tropical resort but most of us live at the pace of living in New York City. I know you have heard that “the divine feminine and masculine is wounded” if you are in the “new age” community (whatever that means) but this time is not only affecting the sensitive or intuitive community (although you will be more aware of it), the general human populous will be feeling these influences to slow down and look within as well.

These influences are a general shift in consciousness that affects all people whether they realize it or not. When a planet goes retrograde, it makes you more conscious of your thoughts and emotions. For example: If you are the type of person that has been running from seeing your true feelings about your life because you haven’t been listening to your passion, busying yourself with a nine-to-five job.

You preoccupy yourself externally with thinking that possessions, food or addictions are going to cover the endless gaping hole inside of you. This is the time these planetary influences are going to rip down the veil of illusion and little by little reveal every suppressed aspect of yourself because it wants you to heal and live out your truest desires.

This influence is here to reveal that you are a spiritual being in a human body that has incarnated on a mission to heal past life, false beliefs that are fogging your dharma (your mission) and keeping you from living life in peace, love and harmony. I feel that our solar system is strategically aligning itself, just like the lungs facilitate the inward breath and the exhale, to lead humanity to it’s own enlightenment overtime. This energy time period is a gentle time to let go, to look within, to release and renew our lives and the way we live them, to help heal ourselves and humanity.

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