Claim Your Deepest Desires with Tonight’s Super Moon in Aries

The full moon is a time for the most potent access to manifesting your dreams. It is a time when your thoughts and emotions become magnetised to attract the exact reality that matches what you imagine. Think about how the ocean is affected by the full and new moon, the alignment of the sun and moon create a potency that change the pull of the tides on the planet. Humans can be up to eighty percent water, just think of how that affects our internal processes! Not only is this a full moon but a super moon meaning that it is closer in Earth orbit than usual causing a stronger magnetism and appearance in the sky.

shutterstock_428350072This cycle the moon is in Aries, if you don’t know anything about this type of energy it is the spark of life, the electromagnetic energy that illuminates everything around us! In astrology, Aries is a fire sign, symbolic to when life enters the womb; when the seed merges with an egg to weaving into a living, breathing, heart beating being. The ram is the animal associated with this sign and the power is in the strength of the spiralized horns, the sacred structure that can withhold huge force upon contact, the energy of forward moving momentum that Aries creates.

We are in the Hunter’s Moon which follows the Harvest Moon, the changing of the seasons is a time when we have gathered all of the resources from the previous cycle,we must leave what we have acquired and feel comfortable with and release into the unknown. Picture this time as transitional, Spring and Fall are the times to shift gears; when the energy of openness, of newness is available to set a new intention. This time of year is like the womb in ovulation ready to be fertilized, there is the emptiness yet availability of creation.

Rather than when we move into Summer or Winter, seasons that are more about the process of growth of the ideas and intentions we have planted in the Spring or Fall. Summer is about the expansion or growth process which expends energy and Winter about the falling away or letting your energy become nourished. The harvest time from Summer is the time you are collecting what you have sowed in the Spring time and then as we reap the fields of all the growth to let all of the old revelations die away to open to the new. Although this energy is disappointing to some because it is not about tangible results, there is potency in this energetic sedation because there is access to the “parting of the veil” or the realm where all potential lies.

This time period is similar to the primordial sludge that the caterpillar must disintegrate into to become the butterfly the spirit of this time is about endless and undefinable possibility. Floating in the realms where all life returns to and comes from, that connecting wisdom, the endless mystery of the moment to come. I picture it as a time to reach into the deepest layer of your essence, the time to remember why you have come here, why your ancestors came, where they succeeded and fail as well as what you want for your future self.

The access point to this simultaneous reality is to start feeling into what your heart truly craves, what it truly desires. You don’t have to know exactly what will come next but it is more about how you want to FEEL right now and that being your call of the creation of your future. It is a time of action but that action starts foremost in the spirit realm.

When I think a Super Full Moon in Aries, I think of Artemis, the archer of the Greek Gods, she is associated with the natural world or nature, the elementals, associated with virginity and chastity as well as a skilled huntress. She is the Goddess that is wielding the bow with a unwavering focus on her target. This is the time to think of what you are aiming for, a time to know what your heart’s target is, your fate or destiny. The word intention means to return to wholeness, what is your wholeness that is already within you? Feel into this wholeness within you, allow that feeling to expand, what would you feel like in the completion of your goal? You are a magnet, anything in the universe is your well of resource.


Another aspect to this energy tied in with Artemis is her association to virginity.  I think of this in the original meaning of virginity, most of you won’t know the true meaning has nothing to do with not being sexually active. In fact in ancient day it was the exact opposite, a person who was a virgin was sexually active outside of wedlock. The word’s true meaning of the word virgin is the marriage to self;  verbatim “virgin” meant not married, not belonging to a man-a woman who was “one-in-herself.” This archetype is in many different representations Diana and Isis as well as men such as Jesus, Osiris and Buddha. All of these enlightened people helped others to find inner peace through their main commitment to the truest embodiment and expression of self. They walked with the knowledge that everything within the universe was within them.

Last month with New Moon in Libra, we had a similar message with the Goddess Lilith taking the forefront her message being about self possession yet with the energy of the New Moon in Libra it was more about your relationship to relationships. The end of September was about what it meant to merge with another, what it meant to see yourself in someone else and to be reflected back, your unique contribution to a whole or within a union, and the deepest aspects of being yourself within that union.

Now as we move from the more internal process of the New Moon to the yang or outward expression of the Full Moon, the universe’s message is to gather all of the knowledge from those previous insights to create wholeness within yourself. Within you is the entire cosmos, the entire grid and it is when you slow down and simply listen to that place within that your truest heart’s longing will surface, by allowing yourself to feel into this you give yourself an energetic access point to creating that life in the physical realm.

In case you were wondering my name is Jocelyn Daher and I will be offering a guided visualisation tomorrow to your heart’s center, to your heart’s compass, to feel into that place within you that has no limitation! It will be held online Sunday October 16th at 8pm EST, here is the link if you would like to join: Click Here to Join the Event!

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