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Never Have Enough Time? You May Be Deficient in Life Energy

When people say they don’t have time, what they are really saying is they don’t have energy. All of life comes down to energy. I know what a lot of you are thinking this is the cop-out most people use to not hang out with someone else but even if that is the case that itself comes down to energy dynamics because they don’t have the energy to give to the person they are not wanting to share energy or”time” with. I am not talking about why someone else says this but more so an intimate look at what would cause you to say, “I just don’t have the time.” Most of the time this is a response that is wistfully said after someone challenges you to do something that you have been longing to implement in your life or that you just can’t imagine doing because of how exhausted you are, even if you know it may be good for you!

The truth though is that we all have the innate ability to thrive, to access an abundant source of energy if we put the right components together to support our process. Everything in life is about energy cycles, whether it is the weather, the seasons, your breathing, your heartbeat or your sleep and waking cycles; all of life requires an ebb and flow. In ancient sciences there was a rhythm to this flow and a way to help facilitate with ease where our life energy naturally moves through.

Yet the core truth of all of the universe is that at the center of all ancient or modern science is one rule called the Law of the Conservation which states that the sum of all the energies of the universe, actual and potential, is unchangeable. Meaning that all of the energy that has ever been present will always be present. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, energy move in form, through form and out of form and energy always will be and always has been. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]

Although this energy is ruled by a Law of Conservation we measure energy by the way it shifts and changes. Kinematics, potential energy, thermal physics, electricity, magnetism, cosmic radiation, waves and optics all are measured through movement. So are the subtle and esoteric energies measured within the body, through movement or lack there of. Whether it be Chi (from the Chinese, Ki (from the Japanese) or Prana (from India) even the meridian and chakra systems all are measured by a sense of flow or movement.


So if you are wanting to have more energy in your life, it would make sense that there is lack of movement. There is stagnant energy or blocked energy within the mind, body or spirit and this causes a drainage or leaking of your essential life energy.

Whether it is a person, an environment or a personal false belief that is draining your time or energy. You are literally giving away life force to something that does not serve you. I am going to try to facilitate the flow and the movement by offering a few ways you can assess where the blockages or lack of movement may be.

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3 Ways to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Emotions

If you have opened to read these words, I completely bow and honor you, who feel the world with their heart first and then the mind. This is an integration and collaboration for the new world and fifth dimensional reality to arise. I see you, I feel you and I am so excited you are here, thank you infinitely!

I will start this off by saying the word Empath gets swung around a lot in the psychic realm or alternative community, it is built almost seemingly from the mystics but there is a very fine tuned science and brain chemistry to define an Empath and the neurology associated with such people.

One day I will write more about that science but for now… Empaths are the people with the power to feel other people’s emotions. The saying runs true, it is both a blessing and a curse to feel the world through the heart of someone who carries the world within it. In my opinion, this is the attunement of the new age. Being able to feel another person’s heart is a gift that is being given to so many to help change the planet! Congratulations, if you can relate to this article, you have been selected as a bringer of transformation. Can you feel it?  [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]   

shutterstock_192906149For thousands of years we have not had the ability to interconnect with so many beings at one time and for the first time the majority of the planet with a computer screen facillitator, can read and become educated about the strange world they would have mentally shut out. We are entering a time on our planet where it is no longer needed to protect ourselves or separate ourselves for survival but the exact opposite is need for our survival, to join our hearts together as one to help heal the planet we have separated ourselves from.

We need to feel the person next to us to give them the few words that come with ease and grace so we can to help them on their healing journey. We need to feel deeply within to be able to see the destruction of the planet and hear the voice that will tell us the solutions. Feel to reconnect your cranial antenna (your pineal gland and pituitary) to the circuitry of your brain that will truly connect you to the entirety of the universe. But wait wasn’t this article supposed to be about not feeling or not absorbing other’s feelings? Yes, yes, just wanted to lay some groundwork of why what you are experiencing is truly incredible.

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The Ancient Cherokee Indian Tale of The Origin of Illness Will Touch Your Heart

Long ago the humans and the animals got along fine.  All the peoples, human and animal, could communicate with each other and were at peace. The animals of that long-ago time were much larger than the animals of today. Indeed, the animals of today are but shadows of those who once were.

There came a time when we humans forgot our place and broke the harmony. We humans began to reproduce at an alarming rate, and we gave ourselves to the production of all sorts of weapons meant for the destruction of the animals: spears and atlatls, bows and arrows, blowguns and traps of all kinds.

We began to hunt, not just for food, but simply for the fun of killing. We humans also killed many animals just by pure carelessness, never stopping to think of the results of our actions. Even as we walked from place to place, we were not careful where we stepped, so that many of the tiny many-legged and legless ones were crushed to death or maimed.shutterstock_357384701

Some humans went so far as to purposely kill little animals merely from a feeling of disgust or loathing, going out of their way to step on a bug or squash a harmless spider. It was clear that we humans believed ourselves to be the only ones who mattered in all of creation, and as we continued clearing land and building our cities; it looked as if there would soon be no more room for anyone else to live in the earth.

The animals decided something had to be done about this human problem. The bears met separately from the other animals. The Great White Bear, presiding at the council asked, “What’s the problem?”

“It’s these humans; they kill us indiscriminately.”

“How do they kill us?”

“With bows and arrows.”

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