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These Eco Friendly Mushrooms Turn Your Home Into A Magical Forest!

Unbelievably cool lighting options are a cornerstone of this era in technology and ecological awareness. The good people at  Great Mushrooming, a Japanese photography and design company, brings attention to mushrooms. Mushrooms are more than the topping you take off your pizza. This underrated fungus is known to help keep forests healthy and detoxify polluted elements in nature safely.

These lights are made of handcrafted glass, reclaimed wood and LED lights. These features received a roaring international welcome in 2010’s international art and design event: Design Festa.  I know the next question you want answered is, ‘Where can I buy one?‘. Yukio Takano ( a.k.a Mr. Mushroom) says that the works of art are too delicate to be shipped.

Mr. Takano, the founder of Great Mushrooming, admits this was meant only as a side project to get attention. His photography and ecological work takes precedent. If you want one of these treasures you’ll have to go to one of the design shows and festivals that the lights are frequently featured at.  The scarcity certainly does wonders for this projects publicity. There are no current plans to up production or perfect shipping methodologies.

H/T: inhabitat



3 Ways To Know You’ve Found Your True Soul Mate

Humans are naturally empathic, social creatures. Anyone can connect with anyone as long as they are open to the experience. In the interest of protecting ourselves in today’s society we limit how much we disclose and connect with the individuals we meet. In the lukewarm pool of social necessities we eventually find individuals that resonate powerfully with us. Individual preferences will uniquely prioritize the manner and content of these connections. Here are some guidelines to help guide you diagnose if someone is important enough to be considered your soulmate.

‘Soulmate’ in my context is a person you feel comfortable with, someone you would like to see everyday but if they aren’t around you never question your relationship. You are not limited to just one soulmate, open yourself to the possibilities and see where it takes you!

You Connect Instantly

As soon as you and this person encountered or learned of each other there was a connection, a spiritual dialogue surfacing as emotions, physical gestures, and speech. This is not to say you both were instantly enamored with each other. One of my life mates and I didn’t like each other for the first three months of our friendship. As soon as we saw one another we were fighting. Eventually we realized there was no reason for our animosity. We were very alike or perfectly different. The tell tale sign here iis the instant emotional content. We were subconsciously afraid to be friends so we fought.

Hopefully you and your don’t start off like this. Be honest with yourself and use your intuition to feel out the situation. These relationships are known to start with a bang, whether productive or not.

Sometimes though, the way a person comes into our life is like a whisper. It is not readily noticed how deeply and immediately connections are felt. Pay attention to body language, tone of voice and eagerness to participate to accurately detail how close you really are.

You Have A High Level Of Communication

The two of you have all the best communication characterizations going for you. Speech is clear, intentions transparently stated, and apologies always issued with sincerity. The distinctive manners of your collective communications probably fills you with delight and a curiosity why it can’t always be this easy!

More than the adjective and adverbs, the feeling of acceptance and understanding should prevail. You both can bring forward fears and insecurities without backlash. The communication is always reflecting newer depths of understanding and character. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to voice things you never have before

Nothing Is Stagnant

With all these truthful expressions in the air how could you two not evolve. As you support each other in down times and celebrate victories the shared experience will continue to morph the ties between you as much as your literal characters. Keep the communication tight and you will find there is nothing the pair of you can’t roll with. As one goes under, the other will switch footing and pull the other up.

A Man Filmed The Earth For 7 Days, What He Captured Filled My Heart With Joy

‘Mr. TSO’ is a Norwegian photographer that delights in showcasing nature’s beauty. The vibrant hues and stark contrasts of his videos and photos make me seriously reconsider why I choose to live a city! This video is no exception. Mr. TSO spent 7 days a top and around Spain’s highest mountain El Teide capturing what I’m sure was an amazing experience. El Teide summit reaches 3,718 meters (12,198 ft) and is the highest point in the islands of the Atlantic. This noted scenic region is a frequent stomping grounds for anyone trying to photograph the stars.

As you watch this beautiful BBC-esque video I would love to share an intention and a quote I came across. We are all one no matter visible distances or differences. You are your neighbor,even your dog shares atoms with a sun going supernova somewhere in a distant universe. With love and acceptance we can allow these connections to devour our sense of self. When there are no separations we can operate as the most diversified community the universe has ever seen.

Famed astrophysicist Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson aptly shares this thought,

“Yes we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up, many people feel small because they are small and the universe is big. But I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars. There’s a level of connectivity. That’s really what you want from life, you want to feel connected…”


Video Credit: TSO Photography

The 4th Dimension As Described By A High School Student

Today’s generation is so much better informed than I was as a kid. With science and mathematics developing new ideas and techniques, children are learning more information at a younger age. The ability to explain something in a lecture style takes not only confidence but a sure understanding of the subject matter. This High School student definitely has both. The difference in spatial dimensions can be hard to wrap your head around so seeing a kid thinking so clearly is very neat. If you don’t know much about the difference in dimensions this is a great place to start. The young man is clear and concise.

This students explains the difference in dimensions starting at one dimension, working his way to the fourth. For reference, we are exist the third dimension. He explains very accurately how a viewer in each dimension has a profoundly different view of the visible universe. In the first dimension there is no height, only width and length. Movement by any potential inhabitant would be limited to movement along this one plane. The second dimension has height added to it but no depth. Beings in the second dimension could view and interact with the first dimension but one dimensional beings would have a hard time interacting back.

He explains how time is not the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is a categorization of space and time is a separate element. The sad part is how we can’t imagine anything beyond our dimension. Theoretically there are infinite dimensions and all of them are curved. Gravity will always be present when there is mass. This force will cause warps in what is visible and what is not.

If you like this video I suggest you check check out Carl Sagan’s run at the fourth dimension. Sagan goes into the implications of the multidimensional universe

10 Inexplicable Occurrences That Indicate Time Travel Exists

As humanity progresses technologically, the list of actions available to us lengthens considerably. Space, air, land and naval travel have been become sophisticated processes. While advances occur all the time, time travel has not been publically announced as available yet. Science fiction has sparked and successfully ignited the world’s population fascination with the possibilities of temporal travel.

Some sharp eyed people have noticed anomalies is historical data suggesting the existence of time travers. In most of these scenarios the arguments against the possibilities are flimsy. Modern objects showing up in tombs untouched for hundreds of years, a man wearing clothes years ahead the era he was photographed or the pedestrian found with ninety year old artifacts in his pocket. No clear explanation has been offered. the circumstantial evidence is absurd in it’s consistency.

What interests me most is how many of these stories I’ve read or seen in which the protagonist was completely unaware of the transition from now to then. If someone can accidentally wander into the past and come back, then it is completely feasible that humanity will be able to manufacture this experience eventually. It’ll be an enriching experience fraught with unknown dangers. I’d rather go to space i think.

9 Ways To Avoid Nasty Arguments In Your Relationship

Disagreements are bound to happen in relationships. Don’t get mad at yourself or the people around you, just re-examine the way you both communicate. You don’t want to fight what makes you think they do? There is so much emotional and social content inherent in relationships, adding your frustrations and anger to it won’t make for a fast or meaningful recovery. Clear and honest communication is the only true cure to drama.

Bring Problems Up Immediately

There is no perfect time to tell someone something is wrong. It will take away from a good mood and add more reasons for a bad mood. Have faith in those around you, don’t under estimate them. That having been said you will want to use your intuition, empathy and common sense to feel out whether or not the person will be receptive to what you are saying. If they are not then what are saying will be misconstrued. Don’t wait for the fabled perfect time, wait till they can hear what you are saying.

Be the Real You

Its very easy to act differently around various people. Everyone has their own expectations of others and needs. We sometimes unknowingly project these needs onto others. Don’t give into this influence! Be true to yourself, your feelings and your needs. Act like you want to act while still respecting those around you. If you are being yourself that truthful reality will open the door for others to be the same. If everyone is being true to themselves and respectful then communication will be a breeze.

Treat People the Way THEY Would Like To Be Treated

Individuals desire different things out of their life and look for various elements in the people they surround themselves with. Your personal preferences does not supercede anyone else’s no matter what may you may think or feel. If you ignore how people want to be treated you will never be able to consistently connect with them. You will go to show them you secret brand of respect and they will not receive it as that. They will balk at the gift and the relationship will sour. Most people will only wait around in a bad situation for so long.

Remember We Are All One

To raise your voice to your coworker is the same as yelling at your sister. To talk badly about your neighbor is the same as berating your mother. Confused? We are all one family! That individual you are interacting with is someone’s daughter, friend, father or more.


I know this one is obvious…So just do it and do it better. When someone is talking to you put down what your are doing physically and mentally. Address what the person is saying and share your insight with them. Every conversation is a dialogue, so don’t just stare at the person. They came to you for a reason take the time to be there for them. If you are unable to be there emotionally or mentally explain your circumstances to them. Communicate what you can and can’t do.

Observe The Person

No one likes the guy walking around blindly asking if everything is alright. When people are being true to themselves they send strong language both verbally and non verbally. Asking someone, ‘is everything ok?’ when their arms crossed and a scowl on their face is paramount to blatantly ignoring everything they say. Pay attention to the non verbal cues.

Don’t Ignore The Problem Or Person

This is literally the worst passive solution you can execute to solve anything. Hoping that it will ‘blow over’ or they will just leave is awful. Even if it were to ‘blow over’ that issue will remain dormant in the person’s subconscious, changing how they act towards you. If the person does leave the situation never to return now they have a chip on their shoulder. Don’t make others deal with your problems. Clean up behind yourself as well as you can.


Tensions may get high and few think clearly when emotional. Breathe and acknowledge what is going on. Smile inwardly and release your attachments. If you have to go for a walk or try and table the conversation.

Admit When You Are Wrong

This is hard to do for one of two reasons. You are either too proud and simply never wrong or you were really trying to make that instance work and it blew up. Either way ego is murdering your relationship. both sound like they are different sides of the spectrum but they are side by side in hubris. Communicate what your intention was and explain that you didn’t want to hurt anyone.