3 Ways To Know You’ve Found Your True Soul Mate

Humans are naturally empathic, social creatures. Anyone can connect with anyone as long as they are open to the experience. In the interest of protecting ourselves in today’s society we limit how much we disclose and connect with the individuals we meet. In the lukewarm pool of social necessities we eventually find individuals that resonate powerfully with us. Individual preferences will uniquely prioritize the manner and content of these connections. Here are some guidelines to help guide you diagnose if someone is important enough to be considered your soulmate.

‘Soulmate’ in my context is a person you feel comfortable with, someone you would like to see everyday but if they aren’t around you never question your relationship. You are not limited to just one soulmate, open yourself to the possibilities and see where it takes you!

You Connect Instantly

As soon as you and this person encountered or learned of each other there was a connection, a spiritual dialogue surfacing as emotions, physical gestures, and speech. This is not to say you both were instantly enamored with each other. One of my life mates and I didn’t like each other for the first three months of our friendship. As soon as we saw one another we were fighting. Eventually we realized there was no reason for our animosity. We were very alike or perfectly different. The tell tale sign here iis the instant emotional content. We were subconsciously afraid to be friends so we fought.

Hopefully you and your don’t start off like this. Be honest with yourself and use your intuition to feel out the situation. These relationships are known to start with a bang, whether productive or not.

Sometimes though, the way a person comes into our life is like a whisper. It is not readily noticed how deeply and immediately connections are felt. Pay attention to body language, tone of voice and eagerness to participate to accurately detail how close you really are.

You Have A High Level Of Communication

The two of you have all the best communication characterizations going for you. Speech is clear, intentions transparently stated, and apologies always issued with sincerity. The distinctive manners of your collective communications probably fills you with delight and a curiosity why it can’t always be this easy!

More than the adjective and adverbs, the feeling of acceptance and understanding should prevail. You both can bring forward fears and insecurities without backlash. The communication is always reflecting newer depths of understanding and character. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to voice things you never have before

Nothing Is Stagnant

With all these truthful expressions in the air how could you two not evolve. As you support each other in down times and celebrate victories the shared experience will continue to morph the ties between you as much as your literal characters. Keep the communication tight and you will find there is nothing the pair of you can’t roll with. As one goes under, the other will switch footing and pull the other up.

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