These Eco Friendly Mushrooms Turn Your Home Into A Magical Forest!

Unbelievably cool lighting options are a cornerstone of this era in technology and ecological awareness. The good people at  Great Mushrooming, a Japanese photography and design company, brings attention to mushrooms. Mushrooms are more than the topping you take off your pizza. This underrated fungus is known to help keep forests healthy and detoxify polluted elements in nature safely.

These lights are made of handcrafted glass, reclaimed wood and LED lights. These features received a roaring international welcome in 2010’s international art and design event: Design Festa.  I know the next question you want answered is, ‘Where can I buy one?‘. Yukio Takano ( a.k.a Mr. Mushroom) says that the works of art are too delicate to be shipped.

Mr. Takano, the founder of Great Mushrooming, admits this was meant only as a side project to get attention. His photography and ecological work takes precedent. If you want one of these treasures you’ll have to go to one of the design shows and festivals that the lights are frequently featured at.  The scarcity certainly does wonders for this projects publicity. There are no current plans to up production or perfect shipping methodologies.

H/T: inhabitat



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