10 Inexplicable Occurrences That Indicate Time Travel Exists

As humanity progresses technologically, the list of actions available to us lengthens considerably. Space, air, land and naval travel have been become sophisticated processes. While advances occur all the time, time travel has not been publically announced as available yet. Science fiction has sparked and successfully ignited the world’s population fascination with the possibilities of temporal travel.

Some sharp eyed people have noticed anomalies is historical data suggesting the existence of time travers. In most of these scenarios the arguments against the possibilities are flimsy. Modern objects showing up in tombs untouched for hundreds of years, a man wearing clothes years ahead the era he was photographed or the pedestrian found with ninety year old artifacts in his pocket. No clear explanation has been offered. the circumstantial evidence is absurd in it’s consistency.

What interests me most is how many of these stories I’ve read or seen in which the protagonist was completely unaware of the transition from now to then. If someone can accidentally wander into the past and come back, then it is completely feasible that humanity will be able to manufacture this experience eventually. It’ll be an enriching experience fraught with unknown dangers. I’d rather go to space i think.

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