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This Renovated Caravan Gets Transformed Into A Beautiful Modern Home

Pavlínov u Hartmanic, Monika Ln?ni?ková

Designed by Czech firm Miramari Design, this 258 sq. ft caravan home really looks deceiving!

Maringotka, which is Czech for Caravan, is designed to look inconspicuous, but once inside you’ll be astonished!

Perfect for year round living, Maringotka is insulated, has double glazed windows and has a range of heating options, while the big round window allows loads of light in.

Available in two versions, one which offers a small dining area that can be converted into an additional bed. Both offer a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping quarters.

While it isn’t legally allowed on the road so you won’t be able to travel with it, this cute and unique home brings together old and new and offers a contemporary way of living. Perfect as an office, vacation villa, or even as a more permanent home.

A modern version of the traditional wagon dwelling. It has a full kitchen, 3-piece bath and built-in bed in 258 sq ft. |

A modern version of the traditional wagon dwelling. It has a full kitchen, 3-piece bath and built-in bed in 258 sq ft. |

A modern version of the traditional wagon dwelling. It has a full kitchen, 3-piece bath and built-in bed in 258 sq ft. |

A modern version of the traditional wagon dwelling. It has a full kitchen, 3-piece bath and built-in bed in 258 sq ft. |

A modern version of the traditional wagon dwelling. It has a full kitchen, 3-piece bath and built-in bed in 258 sq ft. |

Source: Small House Bliss


Happening Today: Mars Makes It’s Closest Approach To Earth in 11 Years

On the 22nd of this month, Mars and the sun were arrayed in a straight line- an alignment known as opposition. On May 30th, this alignment will bring Mars closer to Earth than it has been in 11 years, thanks to perihelion (when planets are closest to the sun) and aphelion (when planets are furthest from the sun).

Because the planets have elliptical orbits, not circular, their distance to and from the sun varies.

There are a lot of energies that come with the planet of Mars as it physically moves towards us, creating giant energetic waves rippling throughout space. Mars represents the planet of passion, action and desires. When we can focus on those ideas, this event can help us push through obstacles in our life.

In order for Mars and Earth to attain this especially close proximity, they first need to both be on the same side of the sun. Then, Earth would need to be at it’s aphelion during the time Mars it at it’s perihelion.

Lucky for us, this is exactly what is transpiring in our night skies to make Mars appear as bright as it does.

The average distance between Mars and Earth is 139 million miles, but this astronomical event will bring Mars a mere 46.7 million miles away, or 0.50321377 astronomical units (AU) from Earth.

On Monday evening (May 30) at 5:35 p.m. EDT, Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth since Oct. 5, 2005.

On the 22nd when the opposition occurred, the red planet was still approaching earth on its orbital track, it will start to recede from Earth on the same date it gets to its nearest point. So you will need to look out for the planet at exactly 5:35pm EDT to see it at its closest. Continue reading

Reflexology: The Secret To Balancing Our Qi

How much thought do you really give your feet? They work hard, day after day, and until they start hurting we don’t really think about them at all!

Our feet mirror our general health, and it is believed that certain parts of the foot are linked to other organs and parts of the body. The initial symptoms of conditions like arthritis, diabetes, for example, can show in your feet!

Chinese practitioners have practiced reflexology for over 3000 years! They use it to balance Qi and then treat many conditions. Reflexology helps improve vitality, general wellbeing and promotes healing.

If you are suffering from pain or illness, reflexology could help you, it is the most popular of all alternative therapies.

What is reflexology?
The theory behind it is that we have reflex areas on our feet, which correspond to specific organs or parts of the body other than the feet, the tips of the toes reflect the head while The heart and the chest are around the ball of the foot. The liver, pancreas and kidneys are in the arch of the foot and Lower back and intestines are towards the heel. Continue reading

This Dragon-Inspired Cliff House in Spain Uses the Earth to Stay Cool

Built into a cliff face, this awe inspiring home in Salobrean, South of Spain has the best views of the Alboran Mediterranean sea!

Casa Del Acantilado is unusual and unique in every way, from its dragon-scale curved roof, to its massive windows. It truly is a sight to behold.

Brainchild of architects Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolome, this house sits on the cliff at a 42° angle, it was built to optimize the insanely beautiful views, integrate with the unique landscape as well as be environmentally friendly.

Human labour was used for everything, including the handmade zinc tiles. This is referred to as green construction, avoiding the use of machinery and factory made materials which are heavy pollutants.

The home maintains a constant and pleasant 19.5 degrees Celsius temperature due to it being buried into the cliff. Over the two levels, this massive house boasts an auditorium which can host up to 70 people, along with the beautiful terraced living room, amazing swimming pool and several balconies.

gilbartolomé buries metallic scaled residence into a cliff overlooking mediterrean

gilbartolome-architects-house-on-the-cliff-granada-designboom-02 Continue reading

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Intimate Life?

We all love learning about ourselves and about those we choose to be our partners, and using astrology can be a fun and interesting way to gain some wisdom.

While we are all different and unique and it is impossible to identically match all the criteria of your sun sign, It still gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect!

Is our sexual compatibility written in the stars? Can we tell what sort of lover someone is just based on their zodiac sign?

Aries (March 20 to April 19)

shutterstock_393342310Dominant and energetic, Aries usually get what they want! With their massive sexual appetite, they love to take charge and are extremely self-confident.

They love to experiment and keep things interesting.

If you are looking for wild and fun in the bed room, an Aries is the one and only.

Best sexual partners: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Continue reading

5 Signs You Are Losing Touch With Your Inner Intuition

Your intuition protects you from danger, it’s the little voice inside us that helps us make decisions.

If you are tuned in to yours, you’ll know when a loved one needs you, you’ll feel when something isn’t right, and when something is!

Sometimes, we block our intuition and we lose our ability to interpret it properly and clearly, these signs may help you realise if your intuition may be blocked.


sad-coupleWhen we are tuned in and guided by our intuition, it helps us make choices and decisions we won’t regret later. When our intuition is out of touch, we make ego and mind based choices, and that is often why we end up regretting our decisions.

When you allow your inner voice to guide your soul and stop fighting it, decisions come easily and you never feel regretful about them.

Lacking Flexibility

If you are attuned to your intuition, you are willing and “going with the flow”, and this often means your plans and decisions change as you are guided down your path. When out of touch, you ignore the warning signs that you would otherwise have seen and, then, ultimately, changed direction.

One of the biggest reasons people are not flexible is because they ignored their intuition the first time, and then don’t want to let anyone down after already saying yes.

If you really are listening to your inner voice, this won’t happen often, you’ll be saying no right from the beginning!


A major sign that you aren’t tuned into your intuition is the feeling of confusion, you are struggling to make the right decisions for you and clarity is lacking.

Man with conceptual spiritual body artWhen you are listening to that voice inside, you won’t be confused, you’re inner knowing and outer synchronicities will align a decision that will push you towards the right path for you.

The crazy Irrational

Do you dismiss your intuition as crazy or irrational? Perhaps your inner voice tells you to go somewhere or do something you would never go or do! But what if behind that door you would never open is someone who needs your help?

What if your dream job is behind door number 2 even though you always use door number 1?

You could be missing out on the most aligned relationships, careers and many other experiences all because you ignored your intuition and called yourself crazy for wanting something out of the norm.

Giving Away your power

Allowing and expecting someone else to make all your decisions for you is definitely a sign of blocked intuition.Consciousness

When you visit your doctor, do you expect him or her to make every decision?

Or do you question him or her? Do you allow your partner to decide everything around the home, even if you feel something else might be better?

Tune in to your intuition, pay attention to your inner voice!