Reflexology: The Secret To Balancing Our Qi

How much thought do you really give your feet? They work hard, day after day, and until they start hurting we don’t really think about them at all!

Our feet mirror our general health, and it is believed that certain parts of the foot are linked to other organs and parts of the body. The initial symptoms of conditions like arthritis, diabetes, for example, can show in your feet!

Chinese practitioners have practiced reflexology for over 3000 years! They use it to balance Qi and then treat many conditions. Reflexology helps improve vitality, general wellbeing and promotes healing.

If you are suffering from pain or illness, reflexology could help you, it is the most popular of all alternative therapies.

What is reflexology?
The theory behind it is that we have reflex areas on our feet, which correspond to specific organs or parts of the body other than the feet, the tips of the toes reflect the head while The heart and the chest are around the ball of the foot. The liver, pancreas and kidneys are in the arch of the foot and Lower back and intestines are towards the heel.


We have over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, and reflexology targets these nerve endings. A reflexologist can help the energy flow through the body to treat the affected areas.

Specific fingers, a thumb or hand techniques are used with deep pressure, in most cases, on the foot’s reflex areas. This allows blood, lymph and nerve flow to the specific area needing treatment. This reduces pain and muscle tension as it helps the body’s natural detox and healing process.

Sometimes it hurts, especially if the reflex area is congested.

After a few sessions you should experience less pain, and the condition you are treating will improve. A good reflexologist will adapt pressure used depending on the patient’s pain level threshold, and will also show the patient how to breathe properly, which releases endorphins helping to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

 What are the benefits?

Reflexology can be used for so many different conditions and ailments, stress relief and relaxation, to improve your circulation, help relieving pain and to help stimulate the nervous and immune system.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.05.30 PMIf you suffer from allergies, migraines, depression, back pain, arthritis, sinus problems, asthma, and insomnia – to name a few – reflexology could be of a huge help to you.
Most people describe a profound sense of relaxation and increased energy following their session.

Note: Reflexology is recommended as a complimentary therapy and should not replace medical treatment. Seek advice from your medical practitioner before making your reflexology appointment.


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