Evidence Shows Ancient Civilizations Like Atlantis and Lemuria Likely Existed

Cultures across the world retain an imprint of advanced spiritual and technological civilizations. These great societies, lost to the sands of time, existed long before our current model of civilization. Many are familiar with the myths of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other lost civilizations. Ancient writings across the world, and across cultures, allude to these long lost kingdoms, and the great cataclysm that wiped them from the face of the earth.

the_lost_city_by_artofjokinen-d30t4s8Yet this memory is much deeper than any literary account available to us today. It is ingrained in our human psyche as a collective and racial imprint. It is no wonder that people, even today, are spellbound and captivated by stories if this ancient mystery. They remain at the forefront of the human mind, despite efforts to discredit them.

Contemporary archaeology has long tried to dismiss such stories as mere fantasy, conjured by the minds of uneducated , and primitive peoples, or to reduce such stories to more recent, localized events. However, clear evidence is beginning to emerge that a great cataclysm occurred around the end of the last age approximately ten thousand years ago, wiping civilization from the face of the earth.

This evidence strongly agrees with the chronology of Atlantis given to us by Plato. Evidence has been found to indicate a meteor strike 12,900 years ago, leading to the rapid melting of the North American ice cap, and what we know as the great flood.

One must ask why archaeologists and scholars are so quick to dismiss ancient traditions, as if to allow close minded people feel to continue to feel comfortable in their bubble of reality.  Also, why are they so slow in examining the evidence that is beginning to come to light which corroborates these ‘myths’?

ancient-civilisations-advancedThe answer is simple. Such discoveries would shatter the current paradigm and require the rewriting of human history and culture as we know it. Our civilization may just be one in a long series of civilizations, of which we could be less spiritually and technologically advanced than our predecessors.

Such a prospect would lead to the reevaluation of the purpose of our species, and the meaning of life itself.

This would be disconcerting to the existing paradigms, and the institutions that uphold them.

The current view of history is only scratching the surface of what truly happened. Many scholars need to rely on ‘physical evidence’, when what happened to our planet was sort of like a reset and wiped away any tangible artifacts.  newsletter_connection

Certainly the ancients did not view themselves according to modern concepts of civilization, which are now based on politics and economics.

They saw themselves carrying on traditions from cultures that preceded them, which had a higher level of civilization than they did, including occult and technological knowledge now lost to us.

Many intellectuals from around the world have compiled some very interesting evidence that may change the world as we know it, if only more people were aware and willing to expand their consciousness.

Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

By: Deric Lewis


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