The Mystery Behind Ouija Boards: What’s Really Making It Move?

Ooh, the mystery of Ouija boards.


The fundamental ideas behind Ouija boards go way back to around the beginning of the Ming Dynasty in 1368 CE!

This was a Taoist practice that used a type of planchette writing called Fuji, also known as “spirit writing” or, what we know today as automatic writing.

Fuji uses a suspended sieve or tray to guide a stick which writes Chinese characters is in sand or the ashes of incense.

It was used for the means of contacting the dead and those in the spirit world under special rituals and supervision. Eventually, it became forbidden by the Qing dynasty and forgotten over time.

Automatic writing is similar to painting a picture or playing music; it is something that flows through us.

There is some occult mystique surrounding automatic writing; it is considered an alleged psychic ability, when really it’s just pure creativity being channeled through us. It’s not necessarily a “paranormal” phenomenon, in that it is something we do all the time.

The actual word Ouija is a trademark of none other than Hasbro Inc., the well-known toy company.

The original ouija board

The original ouija board

This is both shocking and makes perfect sense at the same time.

Originally created by businessman Elijah Bond in 1890, this board was used as a parlor game with no relation to the occult.

It was actually popularized by an American spiritualist who used it as a divining tool during the first world war.

Spiritualist believed that the dead were able to be contacted through these modalities and picked it up.

There is a lot of negative stigma surrounding these boards, especially in the Christian religion. Many people have warned against using an Ouija board. Have you ever brought up the topic of trying an Ouija board and had people coy away saying they were dangerous?

Many people say to be cautious if you are an inexperienced user, but what does that really mean? When we understand the nature of consciousness and it’s projection onto reality, we see that WE create the fundamental meanings in life.

This board is only evil if we deem it so. If we approach it with a pre-conceived notion of what we think it is, our consciousness creates a filter of limitations through expectations.

Studies have actually been produced on the phenomenon of the Ouija board. Under laboratory conditions, they concluded that subjects were able to move the planchette involuntarily. This is said to be the result of the ideomotor response. Derived from the terms ideo meaning idea or mental and motor meaning muscular action.

This is the process of when a thought or mental image brings a physical muscular reaction. It can be a reflexive response to pain through seeing only images or something that makes you have a strong reaction.

This coincides with ideas of automatic writing and Ouija boards because it is like an unconscious force coming into your body that you cannot control. This says a lot about the nature of the mind and aspects of consciousness we don’t fully understand through modern science.Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.35.11 PM

Physicality is a product of thought; everything is fundamentally made of energy, even our thoughts, feelings and ideas.

When you’re using an Ouija board, you are very much creating the results; it is just a matter of whether it is conscious or unconsciously done.

The left brain, hard science people would say it is only a string of micro movements that create the motion.

But what about the driving force behind it? Our reality is fundamentally energy, so thoughts and physicality are, at the core, one and the same. When your belief system allows in the idea of connection to another form of consciousness, that message can be received through you.

The full realization that everything is made of an underlying web of interwoven, spinning geometric structures will expand your understanding of what is possible. The idea of an alien, angel or multi-dimensional being is very much possible with this energetic understanding.

ouija-board-historical-gallery.png__600x0_q85_upscale It is simply the ebb and flow of the exchange of energy, both through the physical and mental.

One of the factors for having a possible negative experience with these boards is similar to an experience of possession.

It is a belief so strong that a force is inside you, that it’s like your consciousness separates from your physical.

It is as if you have no control, but it is the belief that you do not have control that creates the experience in the first place.

A way to know this for sure, is the fact that consciousness can exist without a physical vessel.

Many people around the world have died, come back, and described having the exact same experience. We are not bound by physical, we just believe we are; and that is creating the laws of this reality. 

It is our collective stigma around Ouija boards that creates the negative experience. It is a tool, not only for communication but for reflection. The results you get will be a direct reflection of your belief system and what you’re open to receiving.

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