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6 Magnificent Festivals That Celebrate Animals, Not Sacrifice Them

Monkey, dogs and cows, to eagles and whales – honored around the world with the most lavish festivals in their honor simply for their contributions to humanity. Blessed, decorated with flowers, sometimes even offered feasts, almost all entertain the human guests as well. Bazaars, food and cultural festivities are on the list. Here are a few that we simply could not leave out.

Pushkar Camel Fair

shutterstock_150156311In Rajasthan, India, the Pushkar Camel Fair was originally intended as a market place for the locals to trade livestock.

Now, it’s become more of a popular event attracting over 11 000 camels, horses and cattle along with 400 000 people. Travelling for up to three weeks with their livestock to attend, herders and traders come from far and wide to join in on the festivities.

Some of the activities include camel races, camel cart rides, turban and mustache events, concerts and cultural events. Continue reading

5 Ways To Use Your Intuition To Create The Career of Your Dreams

When one learns to harness their intuition, they may find themselves on the path to the life they truly wish to be living.

Our subconscious mind forms early learned patterns, whereas out intuition is more of a tool we need to tap in to. It encourages discovery, the desire to seek happiness, success and fulfillment. Our intuition can be considered our spiritual DNA, helping us to move through space and time, sending telepathic messages and allowing us to better navigate our relationships. You could consider it the “data” we receive to process before actual events take place.

Tapping into your intuition may fuel a more fulfilling and abundant life, simply because we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to analyze before acting. Below are five tips to assist you in understanding your intuition better, especially when it comes to career moves and choices.

1. Know the difference between instinct and intuition – they are very different.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.47.24 AMOur instincts are there to keep us safe, they urge us to duck bullets and keep our hands out of boiling water.

Our intuition, on the other hand is more of a motivator.

We are pushed forward, moving out of our comfort zone to seek the undiscovered, to cross borders we have subconsciously set.

Instinct will tell you to remain in your current job as it’s safe, where intuition will tell you that you deserve more. You can differentiate between the two by using your feelings associated with the sense you are picking up.

2. Document all your experiences.

Try to keep a journal documenting all your life experiences which made a major impact on you, be it career wise, relationship wise or any other factor. Write down your feelings, insights and senses which were evident at those times. You will have something to refer back to when faced with life changing decisions. Continue reading

The Story Of The Five Buddha Families – Which One Do You Fit Into?

Buddha, Vajra, Ratna, Padma and Karma described as five different qualities of energy.

All of us possess these qualities, not meant to solidify our egos or to identify one through their astrological signs, they refer to the fluid working basis in which we recognize our current neurosis – our sanity.

buddha families

Since these families originate from vajrayana tradition, they offer openness which allows us to self-reflect and work on our ability to bring out our intrinsic wisdom. What do they wholly demand? Honest, willingness to see how we are manifesting both sanely and neurotically.

Each of these Buddha families are associated with an emotion which is transmuted into wisdom. The color, element, landscape, direction, season and even the time of day play a role. Changing both physically and mentally over the years, our predominant Buddha family may change when influenced by these factors.

The central Buddha family is essentially Buddha which refers to the quality of space and accommodation. Having no set likes or dislikes, you may be very open to choices. You may not be very expressive and open to excitement, yet you are usually quite enterprising.shutterstock_369706340

The neurosis however of the Buddha family is dullness. You may be living life quite “molasses minded”. Ignoring the vividness life offers as it’s not what you choose to see. A great example may be someone watching TV, uninterested in what’s on, but it’s too much effort to find the remote. Although this may seem quite thick, there is a flicker of wakefulness. You may suddenly get up, clear space and turn off the TV! Continue reading

Trypophobia – Why Do Some People Get Uncomfortable Looking At Holes?

Do you get the heebie-jeebies when looking at certain images. Not just any, more specifically, beehives, pockmarked skin, the lotus seed head? Do they make you feel ill? Do you feel breathless? Does your skin start to itch? The truth is, you may be suffering from a condition known as Trypophobia.

Better described as the intense, irrational fear of clusters of bumps or holes, this condition first made airways in 2005. Seeming quite silly at first, it actually is believed to affect up to 20% of the population! Italian computer scientist and musician, Paola Barra describes how she had her first Trypophobic attack when she was just 12 years old. 26 year old Paola described the attack as follows.

“There was an irregular ditch and it was filled with little stones and little holes, and I couldn’t look at it without feeling deep discomfort.”


She started to realize over time that this was no singular occurrence. Whenever she viewed similar images, she would experience “an incredible itchiness in my fingers”.

Over 8 years, she struggled to come to terms with what she was experiencing. She one day decided to do an internet search for a music genre known as “trip hop” and the search engine threw out the word “trypophobia”. Amazed by what she stumbled upon, she started a Facebook group aiming at informing  people about the condition. Continue reading

There Is No Need To Act Defensively When You’re Triggered – 5 Steps To Prove It

I am ready to feel free – done with my past, identifying the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that have kept me stuck for so long without choice.

Yes, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut a few times as I am working through all the criticism and you know what? Instead of jumping up and typing a defensive comment, I actually for the first time I tarted to allow myself to reflect. I feel such tremendous energy while writing this. I feel even more energy when I read it back to myself.

The funny thing is – none of that energy was mine.

The ability to stay awake in these mindful moments is what defines your pattern of growth, change and healing. As you become more aware, you realize that between all of these moments is a crucial factor – choice. Allow this strong emotion the light it deserves. You have just given yourself the biggest gift possible by choosing the response you will have when under severe pressure.

shutterstock_132959051Choosing to apologize and speaking about your feelings is something most of us would rather bury under heaps of excuses, but when I apologized and expressed my feelings in clear black and white, i stepped up, I became the powerful warrior woman I was gifted to be. Imagine if every day, every moment we had this opportunity – imagine we took it? What a feeling.

You may be struggling right now with a moment, possibly a few which hampers your daily awakened state, are you willing to just let it continue or do you want to follow a path which can truly strengthen you?

Here are five steps to take for a healthier approach when triggered: Continue reading

Scientists Claim Cherokees Are From The Middle East – DNA Supports This Finding

The Cherokees have lived in the Southeastern United States for over 10,000 years.Cherokees developed and cultivated corn, beans and squash – “the three sisters” – along with sunflowers and other crops. Archaeological evidence, early written accounts, and the oral history of the Cherokees themselves show the Cherokees as a mighty nation controlling more than 140,000 square miles with a population of thirty-six thousand or more. Often the townhouse stood on an earthen mound, which grew with successive ceremonial re-buildings.”

The History of the America Indians” written by explorer and trader John Adair expressed in the 18th Century  how Cherokees who were living in the North Carolina Mountains were known to speak an ancient Jewish language. More so, this language was unintelligible to the Jews in England and Holland. Observing this, Adair extrapolated his belief that  these native Americans were in fact descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

Married to a Chickasaw woman himself, Adair had a fond admiration for the Native Americans. Sadly, his observation was twisted during the American Revolution to something very different.


– In the new version, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel had built the thousands of mounds that dotted the landscape of eastern North America, but the Indians had killed all the “civilized Jews.” Frontier preachers gave sermons which demanded that their parishioners go out and slaughter the evil savages, who had killed the “civilized Jews.” Continue reading