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What Happens When We Undergo Sleep Paralysis?

From feeling utter terror while falling asleep, to waking unable to move or speak. Sleep Paralysis is real and it can be terrifying!

Many sufferers describe Sleep Paralysis as a Paranormal feeling and often claim to feel a ghostly presence nearby., accompanied by strange sounds and smells. Commonly, the smell of smoke and sweet incense are present. Some even claim that there is evil present, even going as far as to report physical and sexual assault.

Some experience autoscopy – a condition where one sees a mirror image of oneself or the feeling of levitation.Sleep_Paralysis_Uncovered

Religion plays a massive role. According to certain cultures, there could be witch craft, supernatural occurrences and even alien abduction at play. Contemporary medical reasoning suggests however that the experience is not so “way out” as suggested.

Suggested causes range from Schizophrenia, seizures, hypertension, narcolepsy, waking up frequently to shift work all being contributors.  There are even reports of normal healthy people experiencing Sleep Paralysis.

Sleeping on your back may be a contributor, try a new sleep position and see if this makes any difference.

There is a psychological side to Sleep Paralysis too. Disassociated phenomena (emotional numbing), panic disorder and even post-traumatic stress disorder are all linked to Sleep Paralysis. Those who are highly stressed, emotionally sensitive or experiencing chronic fear seem to be more at risk.


Researchers (Denis, French, Rowe, Zavos, Nolan, Parsons & Gregory, 2015) for the Journal of Sleep Research, conducted a study titled “A twin and molecular genetics study of sleep paralysis and associated factors.” The study investigated the link between sleep paralysis and genetics.

Researchers compared sleep and sleep paralysis data for identical and nonidentical twins and siblings. Apparently, genetics was a factor in 53 percent of cases of sleep paralysis among their subjects.

While research revealed that stress, trauma, anxiety and depression made sleep paralysis more likely, it also suggested that family links to sleep paralysis could exist. – Extract from Body Mind Soul Spirit

One must remember that Night terrors and Sleep Paralysis are not the same. Where Sleep Paralysis is linked to the physical inability to move, Night Terrors wakes a person with a  jolt followed by screaming, crying, an increased heart rate, heavier breathing and sweating. Quite often, the sufferer will fall asleep again only to wake later on completely unaware of their ordeal.

On a more mysterious note, the “Hag Phenomena” is still largely unexplained, where people claim to see an old woman or witch in description standing over them. Could this be our psyche playing tricks on us?



Things you can try to ease the effects are trying to follow a healthy sleeping pattern.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine and sugars before bedtime, exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. try to avoid late night snacking.

One also needs to monitor their health closely. Stress and depression are major contributors. Keep these in check and try to find ways to better cope with them.

Summing the disorder up, we need to remember that it is just that. A disorder. No need to stress about it or panic. It’s one of those occurrences that may possibly happen to each and every one of us at some stage. It’s temporary, harmless and will pass.

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Dream Symbology: What Is Your Subconscious Trying to Tell You?

We all dream, some being less expressive, others lucid. Dreams usually relate to our subconscious, relaying messages we cannot decipher in plain written reality. There is no hard-and-fast guarantee, but studying dreams allows us to better understand the underlying messages being portrayed.

Being Chased:

Mostly remembered due to the anxiety felt, being chased usually relates to what we’re running from and not the chase itself. This could be something flagging you that needs your attention. Try to evaluate what may need addressing that you’ve been avoiding for a while.


You may subconsciously feel like you’re lacking control of a situation, overwhelmed with something in your life or feeling generally insecure.

Losing Your Voice:

Ever heard of sleep paralysis? During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the sleep cycle during in which we dream, our bodies experience REM atonia, a natural paralysis during the REM cycle.

We quite often wake up before the end of the REM cycle and get trapped in that moment of feeling completely mute and unable to move. Some even report being unable to breathe properly.

Naked, In Public:

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5 Inexpensive Plants That Naturally Purify Our Homes of Harmful Chemicals

Plants naturally protect and heal us every day without us even being conscious of the benefits. Safeguarding us from the dangerous influence of toxins, chemicals in cleaning products, paints, harmful odors, smoke, and radiation emitted from TVs.

According to the experts, having at least one plant in every 75 square feet of your home will help cleanse the air.

Fern, Cactus, dragon tree and fig are among the best plants to have inside.

The humble Cactus


Cacti absorb carbon dioxide at night, releasing oxygen. Having a cactus in your bedroom is helpful for sleeping as it supplements oxygen.

It’s one of the best plants when it comes to reducing radiation, bacteria and tackling pollution. Continue reading

What Is The Color Of Your Urine Trying to Tell You?

Hydration, diet, medical conditions. So many reasons why your urine could change color. The real issue arises when it relates to your health!  Do you know what to look out for?

No color: This means you’re drinking a lot of water, and if it is not in combination with the right amount of food, then you might be drinking a bit too much water and can cut back a little. Good job!

Pale yellow: This means you’re normal, healthy and are well hydrated. Keep doing what you’re doing!90096107-water-377

Transparent yellow: This also means you’re normal and hydrated but your body is in the starting stages of getting dehydrated again.

Dark yellow: This is also normal but on the very edge of needing to drink more water, your body already needs to drink some more water soon.

Amber or honey: When your pee is this dark, and can have a pungent smell, this means you are definitely dehydrated and need to get some water in your body as soon as possible.  Continue reading

These Old Toys Receive Donated Limbs To Educate Kids About Organ Transplants

Wondering what to do with your old, broken discarded toys? There may be hope!

Second Life Toys is a Japan based organisation which is working hard at raising awareness regarding organ donations or the lack thereof. Their smart thinking campaign is bound to get attention!

Giving broken toys new limbs, they’re being made whole again.

Feel like donating? You’ll even receive a thank you letter from the recipient plushie! The message being portrayed is of utter importance as of the approximately 14,000 people on organ waiting lists, only around 300 receive their organs they need.

Hopefully, this campaign will change the outcome for many people in urgent need of help!














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Source: Second Life Toys