Dream Symbology: What Is Your Subconscious Trying to Tell You?

We all dream, some being less expressive, others lucid. Dreams usually relate to our subconscious, relaying messages we cannot decipher in plain written reality. There is no hard-and-fast guarantee, but studying dreams allows us to better understand the underlying messages being portrayed.

Being Chased:

Mostly remembered due to the anxiety felt, being chased usually relates to what we’re running from and not the chase itself. This could be something flagging you that needs your attention. Try to evaluate what may need addressing that you’ve been avoiding for a while.


You may subconsciously feel like you’re lacking control of a situation, overwhelmed with something in your life or feeling generally insecure.

Losing Your Voice:

Ever heard of sleep paralysis? During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the sleep cycle during in which we dream, our bodies experience REM atonia, a natural paralysis during the REM cycle.

We quite often wake up before the end of the REM cycle and get trapped in that moment of feeling completely mute and unable to move. Some even report being unable to breathe properly.

Naked, In Public:

The double headed coin. Feelings of being ashamed or embarrassed may arise, yet some experience the total opposite. The feeling of pure confidence, craving to be desired and admired.

A Mouth Full Of Teeth:

There is much debate around this one. Some believe it’s due to a loss of power or confidence, others believe it relates to desire, potency. The need to fulfill something. Commonly associated to times of change or transition.


Not always a nightmare, you may crave changes, letting go of the past and new endeavors.

Feeling like a lifestyle spring clean? maybe you want to leave that job behind, let go of a bad relationship or simply move forward from whatever may be holding you back.

Cheating Spouse:

Not to be associated with clairvoyance, quite often when we dream of a partner cheating, we feel insecurity in a relationship or generally lack trust. Is your partner spending too much time devoted to something that has nothing to do with you?


Something may be out of your control. You may feel lifted and free from whatever has been holding you back. Allowing things to naturally fall back into place allows us to lighten the load.


kundalini2Known as the phallic symbol, a snake represents quite an array of thoughts. From Unsettling emotions to transition, and healing. Snakes are one of the commonly known spirit guides and carry vast messages.

There are many more dream symbols out there.

Be it Spirit Animals, people, objects or emotions.

We dream when our deepest consciousness is at it’s most aware.  Allow yourself to rest, your soul speaks to you in the quiet moments in between your thoughts.


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