What Is The Color Of Your Urine Trying to Tell You?

Hydration, diet, medical conditions. So many reasons why your urine could change color. The real issue arises when it relates to your health!  Do you know what to look out for?

No color: This means you’re drinking a lot of water, and if it is not in combination with the right amount of food, then you might be drinking a bit too much water and can cut back a little. Good job!

Pale yellow: This means you’re normal, healthy and are well hydrated. Keep doing what you’re doing!90096107-water-377

Transparent yellow: This also means you’re normal and hydrated but your body is in the starting stages of getting dehydrated again.

Dark yellow: This is also normal but on the very edge of needing to drink more water, your body already needs to drink some more water soon.

Amber or honey: When your pee is this dark, and can have a pungent smell, this means you are definitely dehydrated and need to get some water in your body as soon as possible. 

Syrupy or brown: This is something else entirely, this could mean there is a problem with your liver. This could still mean severe dehydration but when your pee gets this dark that is a clear sign your body is trying to tell you something. After drinking water and having the same color of pee, then it is time to contact your doctor.

Pink or reddish: This can be a variety of red foods like beets or rhubarb. It could also even be blueberries.

If you haven’t eaten these recently, it could also be blood in your urine, sign of kidney disease, tumor or a urinary infection. If this problem persists, contact your doctor immediately.

Orange: This could be another sign of severe dehydration or a liver or bile duct condition.

They can also be food dye, you just need to know what you have consumed recently to be able to tell what your body is saying.

Blue or green: This is a bit of a strange one, there is a rare genetic disease that can turn your urine blue or green. It can also be due to certain bacteria infecting your urinary tract.

It is most likely to be food dye or medication you’ve taken as well.

For a bit more information, here’s a basic chart to assist you with figuring out what could potentially be the cause, be warned though that nothing replaces a doctor’s diagnosis!

Bare in mind that dietary effects are common too. Beetroot for example is well known to tint your urine, along with rhubarb, blueberries and a few other culprits.

In truth, most of us are dehydrated. Up to 75% of Americans aren’t drinking enough water. Be conscious about it and you will assist your kidneys and liver in flushing out all those harmful toxins. Staying hydrated also increases your stamina and concentration and improves your skin tone. Your digestive system will thank you too!

Dr. Axe sums things up pretty well.

H/T: BodyMindSoulSpirit

Additional Source: Body Building


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