There Is No Need To Act Defensively When You’re Triggered – 5 Steps To Prove It

I am ready to feel free – done with my past, identifying the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that have kept me stuck for so long without choice.

Yes, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut a few times as I am working through all the criticism and you know what? Instead of jumping up and typing a defensive comment, I actually for the first time I tarted to allow myself to reflect. I feel such tremendous energy while writing this. I feel even more energy when I read it back to myself.

The funny thing is – none of that energy was mine.

The ability to stay awake in these mindful moments is what defines your pattern of growth, change and healing. As you become more aware, you realize that between all of these moments is a crucial factor – choice. Allow this strong emotion the light it deserves. You have just given yourself the biggest gift possible by choosing the response you will have when under severe pressure.

shutterstock_132959051Choosing to apologize and speaking about your feelings is something most of us would rather bury under heaps of excuses, but when I apologized and expressed my feelings in clear black and white, i stepped up, I became the powerful warrior woman I was gifted to be. Imagine if every day, every moment we had this opportunity – imagine we took it? What a feeling.

You may be struggling right now with a moment, possibly a few which hampers your daily awakened state, are you willing to just let it continue or do you want to follow a path which can truly strengthen you?

Here are five steps to take for a healthier approach when triggered:

1. Zip it. Don’t react immediately, we all know those moments where we wish we could take back what we said. Reflect on the situation and then respond appropriately.

2. Take a step in their shoes. Use every little bit of feedback you receive regarding interaction. It’s a great learning tool and will allow you to better understand where the other person is coming from. Remember – nobody has to be right for things to work out.

shutterstock_1609490723. pay attention to feelings. When one practices awareness, we tend to attach feelings to everything – a mental story in hand with a sensation, but learn to channel them as two separate entities and direct your feeling at your heart.

4. Don’t take things personally. Realize that it’s never really about you, it’s just someone’s feedback as they interpret you and their world.

5. When responding, allow it to come from your heart, not your head. Once the first four steps have been achieved, you will find yourself responding from a heart-centered place. Remember, you need to offer love to receive it in return, no matter how hard it is, you will empower yourself by doing so.


With thanks to Elephant Journal – truly inspiring

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