How To Return To Your Center & Energetically Reset Yourself

Knowing that you need time to reset, and being aware that there is a need to return to center, will change your overwhelming burdens into peace.

The concept of an energetic reset is this: when life gives us seemingly unfair challenges, or  a surplus of negative experiences, it’s really a calling for us to center and find balance once more. If we continue to proceed without seeking balance, we set off a sort of domino effect, which may manifest as illness, bad luck, or issues with relationships.

It’s like trying to wash an unbalanced load in a washing machine; continual spinning, while unbalanced, ends up progressively worsening until it falls apart.shutterstock_352295252

All of our actions and reactions cause a ripple-effect, which is felt by others. As the ripples spread out, they release energy and everyone feels it on some level. Which way will your energy influence the world?

When you are feeling low and struggling to smile, ask yourself if you need to take a few minutes to reset and return to center. Simply by taking the time to reflect and become aware of your mood, you have realized the first step in changing your energetics.

Our emotions have a similar scale that correlates with our chakras. The morals and ethics we accept as personal beliefs carry an emotional charge. The information we learn from our experiences, as well as our beliefs, is contained within our energy center, and we project these energies into the world.


Consider each chakra’s function and theme. Then, take a look at which areas in your life need improvement, and reflect on which energies you have been sending out. Is it time for a reset?

In order to release emotions, we must first process them. Awareness of our emotions and acknowledging they have a beginning and an end is the starting point to releasing them.

The only reason emotions tend to linger around is because of the stories we tell ourselves about them. We attach thought to our emotions, which in turn, creates belief systems.

This is what causes us to endure all those emotional roller coasters.

shutterstock_346780844Examine your thoughts and seek out the emotions behind them. Is your anger caused by fear? Is your stress caused by lack of self-confidence?

Allow your feelings to arise and embrace them. Do not resist the natural flow. Be honest with yourself and find your inner-truth.  Then, let those negative emotions and energies dissipate until they are no more.

Awareness of a need for energetic change, acknowledgment of our emotions, examining our thoughts, and being honest with ourselves are the  key steps to return to center and energetically reset.

(h/t  Om Times)


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