Abundance Crystals: 10 Crystals to Attract More Luck & Wealth in Your Life

One of the most common things that I get asked about as both a life and a business coach is how to attract more money?

And, with the current economical state around the globe, people are concerned, and they feel like the conventional ways of attracting money are not working.

Personally, I love the Law of Attraction and I use it all the times!

However, most people are using it wrong! Yup, I said it out loud! People are using The Law the wrong way.

People are using the law eagerly and trying their best to attract more prosperity and abundance in their life.

Eagerness is interpreted by The Law as “there is not enough for everyone” and that, in turn, leads to self-doubt and limited thinking.

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So instead of being eager and hopeful, I am going to show you how you can give your old law of attraction thinking a mental boost!

Sounds good, let’s get cooking!

In today’s article, I will help you boost your law of attraction mindset with the help of 10 luck and fortune crystals that have been used by millions around the world to manifest more abundance, wealth, and prosperity!

But before I tell you what 10 crystal you can use to give your LOA a boost, let me explain why these crystals are so effective and how they work?

The crystals mentioned in this article are known as The Abundance Crystals.

And the secret behind the effectiveness of these abundance crystals is in the energy these crystals hold and harness, and how that energy affect your overall attraction vibration.

But how they work, You might ask?

By now you know that the manifestation process is based on the Universal Law of Attraction.

The law can be enhanced with the use of natural crystals popularly known as abundance crystals to increase the effectiveness of the law itself.

When you combine the LOA with the abundance crystals, you increase your thought vibration so that they are on the same vibration frequency of the things that you want to achieve.

So think of these crystals as an LOA enhancer.

The key here is to have faith in the process, remain calm and relaxed, and not let negative self-talk or self-doubt bubble up.

So now that you have a basic understanding of how the abundance crystals work let’s dive into the top 10 crystals that’ll help you attract more wealth and luck:


1. Green Aventurine: This green colored stone from the quartz family is also known as the “Stone of Opportunity,”. It is considered to be the luckiest of all crystals.shutterstock_412283827

It has a winning energy that makes it ideal for boosting one’s chances in any situation, such as getting a date, winning a free trip, even landing a promotion.

Some people reported getting an unexpected money from unknown sources. Other’s reported getting a raise that they thought they were passed over for just by simply starting to use this powerful, and lucky stone.

Best use of the stone is to carry it with you all the times.

Creative tip: place it on your loose-change jar or your wallet while you’re sleeping and let the powers seeps into your money,


2. Citrine: It is a deep yellow colored crystal which is known to bring prosperity for the traders and merchants and for this reason it is also known as the “Merchant’s Stone”.shutterstock_164208095

Most business owners usually place it in their register drawer or cash box to increase their business. Citrine attracts money like a magnet.

So you can use it if you want more prosperity and affluence in your life.


shutterstock_3812040853. Malachite: This is a beautiful stone that contains striations of various shades of green color to help in improving your business prospects.

You can take it with you while making some financial deals or interviewing for a job to improve your chances.

It can also help you in gaining prosperity by protecting you from attracting unreliable and dishonest people along with attracting righteous and helpful people for you.


4. Jade: In China, this milky green stone is a highly admired by everyone as it brings luck and prosperity for them.

You can also change your luck by putting a small piece of this stone where you put your wallet or purse at night or where you put change at your business.



5. Pyrite: This lustrous crystal is also known as Fool’s Gold because it resembles gold to the untrained eye.

Also, the lore that has been passed for generations shed another light on the Fool’s Gold name of this gem stating it helps in proving that you or the user are not a fool!

It helps in making better decisions and helps you in spending your saved money wisely.


6. Peridot Gemstone: The looks of this medium green crystal at a quick glance are like a green colored emerald. According to experts, it represents ancestral money and affluence. If you are struggling with debt, then it is the best stone for you.


shutterstock_1646112507. Ruby: People who desire to attract love along with prosperity should try ruby with rich red color.

For this reason, gamblers, usually keep this stone with them while playing on gambling tables to enhance their luck.

You can also try this crystal to get right vibrations while attracting your love or luck in money matters.

At the same time, according to Hindu Mythology, Ruby also gives high position and great power to the person wearing it on his ring finger.



8. Quartz: If you want to improve your overall luck then it is good to have smoky or clear quartz with you as it can be used for a number of purposes including attracting money.

According to the experts, you can attract more money if you spend the money charged with this stone.

To charge the money, simply place the quartz on some of your money bills and set them in sunlight for few hours.


9. Tiger’s Eye: The look of this crystal resembles the actual eye of a tiger.

shutterstock_225878815It is available in different shades of reddish brown and yellow colors. It attracts abundance along with protecting and healing a number of problems.

This stone, just like a patient tiger that crouches to pounce upon its prey, helps improve your patience and skills to make money.

It teaches you how to save, how to avail opportunities and when to spend to improve your prosperity.


10. Sunstone: as the name suggests, this stone is usually found in sun-like colors; often orange-red color and sometimes in golden brown sparkling color which gives it a sun-like appearance.shutterstock_412033576

Along with increasing your prosperity, this abundance crystal will also help in keeping you positive in any financial condition and encourages you to move ahead to achieve your goals and aspiration.


There you have it! 

Keep in mind, the main things that help you to bring more prosperity and abundance in your life are a positive attitude, a relaxed mind, and a grateful heart.

So lead your life peacefully while remaining active and you will start becoming more prosperous, successful, and abundant!





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P.P.S. have you used any of the above-listed abundance crystals? And do you have other stones that you’d like to add to this list? Please share in the comment section below.

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