What Animal Makes Your Best Companion Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Domesticated pets are a big part of our society. It’s rare to find a household that doesn’t have at least one, whether it be a dog, cat, bunny, hamster, bird, fish, or tortoise. It seems companionship is in human nature and we seek it out in any form we can.

Take a look at the recommendations based on your zodiac sign.


shutterstock_406852453A little eccentricity, a little bit of airiness is what Aquarians are about. Individuals born in this sign are typically independent, original, and humanitarians.

 However, they are not overly fond of keeping a pet simply because it ties them down.

If they warm up to the idea, a pair of lovebirds is definitely a great pick. Aquarius’ are romantics at heart and will love their company at home.


Pisces’ are usually surrounded by dreams. They are compassionate, artistic, intuitive, and gentle. They cherish romance, and love to be hugged and cuddled. A furry little bunny rabbit makes a great pet for a Pisces. The animal is a great partner for snuggling, and their owner will fall head over heels for them.


shutterstock_255387970Those born under this sign rarely take time off. They are typically courageous, determined, confident and enthusiastic. Aries born individuals usually strive for an active life.

Dogs make the perfect pets for this sign.  If you’re an Aries and thinking about getting a dog make sure you choose a breed that corresponds with your hyperactive nature.

A Labrador Retriever is a great option because they are super friendly, are always up for an adventure, and are highly energetic.


Dependent, stubborn, practical, and responsible by nature, Taurus born individuals love to snuggle. They can be extra lazy in their day-to-day lives so the perfect pet companion for a Taurus is a cat.  A Scottish fold cat, for instance, is an excellent choice because they shower their owners with affection and are fond of cuddling.


Gemini’s are quick-witted, intellectual, gentle, affectionate, and curious. They are fond of stimulating conversations and exciting tasks that challenge them and their intellect. An intelligent pet is most suitable for them. A macaw for instance, would be a great pet.  The parrot can be taught new words every day, which keeps it interesting for its owner.


Born in the star sign of Cancer, these individuals are tenacious, sympathetic, and emotional beings.

They are homebodies by nature, and although they can be moody and emotional, they make great nurturers.

A cute flurry little hamster is a fantastic option for a cancer born individual. They are adept at taking care of all things delicate and will shower their tiny pet with all the love and care needed.


For the passionate Leo, it’s all about being creative, generous, humorous and of course the center of attention. Their personality almost always attracts them to the flashiest and most expensive things in life, no matter what the cost is. Matching their personality and their rich tastes, a majestic horse is the best bet. Nothing spells regal better than a dashing horse. However, affording one might be difficult. The next best pet for the Leo is a cat.


For the fussy Virgo, pets who create a mess around the house are not welcome. Virgos are loyal, analytical, kind, hard-working and practical. They like companionship, but not at the cost of their comfort. The best choice for a Virgo is an aquarium full of fish, which will require minimal care.


shutterstock_259729697Libra’s are cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded and social.

They are known to have great aesthetic sense and place a real significance on the beauty and the finer details of life.

For Libra’s a good-looking pet is a given.

Any purebred cat, such as a white Persian, Siamese, or a Russian Blue, are good options.


The individuals born under this sign are intensely powerful and like to maintain a sense of mystery. Scorpio’s are resourceful, brave, passionate, and stubborn. Snakes are a good match for Scorpio’s. They match in intensity and can make the perfect pet. The mysterious aura of the reptile and the passionate personality of the Scorpio makes it one fantastic combination.


shutterstock_415549720The spontaneous, free-spirited Sagittarius is not a great lover of pets. Typically, they are idealistic, generous, and maintain a great sense of humor.

Since traveling reigns supreme in their lives, a low maintenance pet is the perfect choice. A tortoise will make a great pet for a Sagittarius.

They are completely hassle-free and require minimal care. Fish are also a good choice.


Capricorns are characterized by their hardworking nature. They never shy away from putting in the extra hours to get the desired result. They are responsible, disciplined, and well mannered making a Ferret an excellent choice for a companion.  As an owner, they’ll take care of the tiny creature and shower them with complete attention.

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