16 Important Things You Should Never Have to Apologize For

The way we use the word ‘sorry’ has a whole lot of different meanings nowadays. It goes together with a meaningful intonation. It varies from sarcasm, to pointing out rudeness and also from asking someone to repeat themselves to showing sympathy. But of course, it’s mainly for apologizing.

Being able to say sorry is not as easy for everyone as most would think. This word can allow you to be forgiven by another person or it may help resolve a conflict. This all with the help of a sincerely meant five letter word.
Some people, however, are too apologetic.

They tend to say ‘sorry’ for the tiniest little things. If meant or not, it doesn’t particularly matter. It has become a force of habit, one which is not easy to stop. Over apologizing may seem polite but is just unnecessary.shutterstock_343575650

Listed below are 16 things you should never apologize for. When presented in a similar situation, next time you can keep that sorry to yourself without feeling guilty.

Otherwise it is merely a waste of breath and often a way to make feel uncomfortable for no good reason.

You do not ever have to apologize for:

1. A situation which is not your fault
You do not have control over everyone and everything. Things happen. Even though sometimes you feel you want to apologize, it is not your responsibility to do so. Take a deep breath and just go on with your day. You have better things to focus on.

2. A problem that has nothing to do with you
You will always find people that like to drag others into their problems. This is absolutely something you can distance yourself from if your intuition tells you to. Most people already have enough on their plate as it is.

shutterstock_3807486973. Putting yourself in the first place
Constantly pleasing other people can make you lose yourself. Loving yourself will make it easier to love others. Putting yourself in the first place is no sin and most definitely not something you have to apologize for.

4. Things you love to do
No matter what others think, doing something you love will make you feel better. Just do it and enjoy. As long as it doesn’t influence others in a bad way, joy is not a reason to apologize.

5. Following your dreams
Again, not everyone may agree with your dreams. That is the reason why they are yours and not their dreams. Enjoy the journey without feeling sorry.

6. Choosing a positive approach rather than a negative one
Some people have the tendency of looking at a glass half empty. Do not say sorry for seeing the glass half full, embrace it. It makes life a lot easier.

7. Staying true to your boundaries
If someone crosses your boundaries you are absolutely in your right mentioning this. Constantly extending your boundaries can have an extremely negative effect on you. Do not let other use you as a doormat. Stand strong and true to yourself.

8. Walking away from something you do not want to be associated with
This goes together with staying true to yourself. If you find yourself in a situation you do not want to be in or do not want to be associated with; you are completely in your right when standing up turning around and walking away.


You do not owe anyone an explanation.

9. Asking for help
Some people find it very difficult to ask for help. Asking is always an option. You do not have to apologize for it.

10. Saying no
Just as it is in everyone’s right to ask for something, you are also always in your right to say no.
You are not obliged to give a reason why not. No just means no.

11. Needing time for yourself
Taking time for yourself is a very healthy habit. It gives you the opportunity to straighten out your thoughts and get everything aligned again. Why would you apologize for something so positive?

12. Not agreeing with someone else
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sometimes you just do not see eye to eye with another. That is more than alright. Nothing to be sorry about. You can always agree to disagree.

13. Showing emotions
You probably have to be a complete sociopath if you never ever show emotions whatsoever. This a human thing and it happens. Do not feel sorry about it, be happy you don’t keep everything bottled up. Even if you are the type to bottle things up, it will all come out at some point.shutterstock_343381292

14. Being successful
Jealousy is the shadow of greed. When you are successful there will always be that one person that tries to get you down and may even make you feel guilty about your achievements. Be proud of your accomplishments.

You worked hard for them. You do not owe anyone an apology for the positive outcome of your effort.

15. Listening to your instincts
Our inner guide or that little voice in our head which gives us directions. Our inner voice can often be a better guide than the opinions of others.  If you know you can rely on your instincts, stick to it. Your gut feeling can point you in the right direction.

16. For being happy
This is most definitely a thing that you should never apologize for. If you are happy, congratulations.  If anyone tries to make you feel bad because your happiness shows, that person should apologize to you and not the other way around. Keep on doing what you are doing. Let happiness thrive.

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