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Mindblowing Photographs Of A Selection Of The Last Remaining Tribes On Earth

In this economically obsessed ‘progressive’ society it becomes a struggle for indigenous tribes to live in their full glory like back in the days. Many tribes have witnessed the rise of the ‘white man’. Portraying their power and dominance to such degree traditions and way of life is on the edge of extinction. Not even to mention the genocidal violence many tribes had to endure.

It took photographer Jimmy Nelson three years filled with adventurous journeys to the most remote places of our world, to document and capture the beautiful masterpieces of the last remaining tribes on earth. The photographs portrayed in this article are only a selection from the full serie which is portrayed his book “Before they pass away“.

Tribes from all over the world have been captured in the most mind blowing photographes. The rawness adds power and the beauty touches your heart. The title of the book explains Nelsons mission. He wanted to portray the tribes before they completely faded into modern civilization and be non-existent. It is an ode to the indigenous people and their tradition and history.


The Asaro tribes are located in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The are also known as the ‘Mudmen’. They got their name via a legend. This legend states this tribe got defeated an enemy tribe who forced  them to flee to the Asaro river. When they attempted to escape at dusk, the tribe was completely covered in mud.  This made them appear as spirits and caused their enemy to be chased away.

last surviving tribes on Earth

The Asaro tribe continued to scare other people, by wearing masks and covering themselves with mud. Even when they got in touch with the western civilasation in the mids of the 20th century.

“Individually the people are all very sweet, but as their culture is being threatened they’re forced to stand up for themselves.”
– Jimmy Nelson, 2010

mindblowing photos ancient tribes


The Maasai tribes are located in Kenya and Tanzania. From a young age the Maasai boys are being groomed to become men and warriors. With all the responsibilities that belong to those roles.

ancient tribes earth photographs
The role of a warrior is protecting the livestock from human and animal enemies and predators and to keep their families safe.

09 - YVWvSwm

“Lions can run faster than us, but we can run farther”

11 - nYXl6H2


The Nenets tribes also known as Samoyeds are located in Seberia.

12 - 0U0QdvA
They are one of the last reindeer herder tribes. Facing extreme temperatures from minus 50°C in winter to 35°C in summer.

“If you don’t drink warm blood and eat fresh meat, you are doomed to die on the tundra”

14 - nEcaO0N


The Huaorani tribes are found in Ecuador and Argentina where they live already for over a thousand years in the Amazonian rainforrests.

33 - afCrkly

Huaorani means literally human beings or ‘the people’. The outside world was unknown to them the year of 1956,  no contact was made until then.



The Vanuatu tribe is located in the Torba province on the Rah Lava Island.

38 - 8hBoVd9

Many Vanuatu believe their wealth is obtained throug ceremonies. Those ceremonies contain a lot of dance which is an important part of their culture.

40 - 0n0tOWb



The Ladakhi tribe are located in the North of India.

42 - DjkrR5n
This tribes share their believes with their Tibetan neighbors.
44 - QKZkHuy

The status of women from the Ladakhi tribe is extremely high compared to the rest of rural parts of India.


The Mursi tribe is found in Ethiopia. They mark their body with horse shoe scars. Men receive them on the right arm and women on the left. When a warrior excels he receives an additional scar on his thigh.

47 - 1ochYum

“It’s better to die than live without killing”

46 - TQfezdT

The Mursi tribe is among the last groups in Africa where women wear potlery or wooden discs in their lower lip.


The Rabari tribes have been roaming the Indian desserts for over a thousand years.

52 - yGMj4lU

The woman manage all the hamlets and all money matters, the men on the other hand are on the move with the herds.



The Samburu tribes are located in Kanya and Tanzania. They are extremely independent and semi nomadic. This way they assure their cattle to have enough food. The Samburu relocate every five to six weeks.

56 - eVJUO8v

Samburu men are seen as adolescent until the age of 30, only then they will start to get married. The elder men have the monopoly on women as they are allowed to marry as much as they want. This creates often cases of infidelity.

57 - J8O1I2Q


The Mustang tribe, even though they politically belong to Nepal, they are one of the last tribes that uphold the Tibetan culture, history and religion as it stands of the verge of disappearing.

64 - xXGug9k

Religion is a big part of the Mustangs lives. Their daily prayers are a guidance throughout their day.

65 - m3S9Rcl

Most of the Mustangs are still highly convinced the Earth is flat.


The Maori tribe is situated in New Zealand, they are worldwide known for their war dance called the ‘Haka’ and their impressive Polynesian tattoo arts.

66 - fEQLlmd

61 - 0Wsgh9A

69 - V83MjwQ

“My language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul”

70 - 1Tva7Um

The Maori are a polytheist culture, they worship many gods, goddesses and spirits. They also seek guidance and protection from their ancestors in times of need. to help the tribe in times of need.

71 - khFsuHe

72 - SmJKP9Z


This indigenous tribe, situated in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, has an immense respect for the wonders of nature. Their culture is simple but very loving with strong family bonds. They live of hunting and gathering and have plenty of good food.

77 - pDXN45N

76 - p0N88SA

75 - 0rKl3eD

Their make-up and ornaments is mostly to intimidate their enemies during war-fare.

79 - ifMoPNJ

“Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle”

80 - vQQDSLK


The Huli tribe, also called the Haruli or wigmen, are one of the biggest indigenous tribes of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, numbering approximately 90.000 people. Their wigs are made from their own hair and they are extremely recognizable by their yellow, red and blue painted faces.

83 - 0wNJYXD

The Huli culture is based on hunting and gathering. Of which the hunting is being done by the man and the gathering by the women. When the men go to war, this is with the intention of gathering more land, pigs and women.

82 - uxL26Go

Men and women live traditionally in separate quarters.


The Himba tribe has a estimated population of 50.000 people. They are located in Namibia.

88 - aqD980S

A Himba man has an average of two wives. The marriages are arranged and the most crucial aspect that are looked for in a wife are her looks, since this tells other about her background and phase of life.

himba tribe

The rules within the indigenous group are set out by the head man, this is in most occasions the grandfather.


The Kazakh tribe is located in Mongolia and several other parts of northern Asia. They are first foremost known for their eagle hunting. The Kazakhs are descendants of Turkic and medieval Mongol tribes. This nation was one of the most effected nations by the Sovjet, where more than 66% of their population died.

90 - spVEL06


91 - Q0w2XRY

Many Kazakhs still uphold the pre-Islamic and shamanic beliefs. They worship the sky , their ancestors and the elements. Supernatural forces also play a dominant role in their culture, good and evil spirits and also wood goblins and giants. Of which the Kazakhs protect themselves with talismans and beads.

93 - TpJdY55

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These 10 Unnerving Pictures Show What Will Happen To American Cities When Sea Levels Rise

 Whether you believe in the global warming or not, you cannot deny the facts. The following is most definitely a fact: The temperature of our planet is slowly rising. Which means the sea-level will rise at one point or another.
According to a new study about the melting of the ice-caps, which was published in the July issue of Science, our climate will only have to rise 2 degrees Celcius above the historic norm to cause catastrophic events.
Even if the rise of the temperature will be less than the benchmark of 2 degrees the sea-level will rise. The sea-level is expected to rise approximately 4 feet by the year 2100 and about 20 feet by the year of 2200. The numbers will grow a lot higher if the benchmark is reached and/or passed. Just by looking at the past we can predict the future. It is believed that 120,000 years ago the average temperature was about 2 degrees higher than now and the sea-level was about 20 feet higher than it is today.
Many people find it difficult to imagine what the consequences will look like and what these numbers mean. In most occasions, people can be told disasters will alter our world but this probably won’t sink in until parts of the world are literally be under water. Our world was portrayed in several movies while being hit by floods but these pictures published by take part will bring everything a lot closer to home.
The research group Climate Central  teamed up with artist Nickolay Lamm. They decided to help people visualize the consequences by showing what U.S. coastal cities can expect when the sea-level will indeed rise.

Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice Beach, California—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice Beach, California—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

AT&T Park, San Francisco—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

AT&T Park, San Francisco—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Back Bay, Boston—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Back Bay, Boston—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Ocean Drive, Miami—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Ocean Drive, Miami—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Citadel Military College, Charleston, South Carolina—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Citadel Military College, Charleston, South Carolina—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Statue of Liberty, New York City—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Statue of Liberty, New York City—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Crissy Field, San Francisco—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Crissy Field, San Francisco—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts—Before

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts—After

Photo: Courtesy Climate Central

Many thanks to for spreading the awareness

Questioning The Taboo: Are Humans Supposed To Be Monogamous?

When people are asked about their opinion on cheating or having an affair an overwhelming majority will answer ‘this is morally wrong’ or ‘that is unacceptable’. Yet left and right we hear stories of couples breaking up due to the fact that one of the two partners decided to look for some action from elsewhere.

It seems as if everyone is looking for their soul mate, true love or their twin flame. Yet sometimes when a relationship is established it is not sufficient and people start to look around. Especially with all the social media and dating apps, people have even more temptations right in front of them since it’s so easily accessible and discrete. This can start out extremely innocent with sending a flirtatious remark but when you’re not careful this can eventually end up in a steaming affair with all the further consequences.relationship happy habits

If sleeping with another person besides your partner is so wrong and unaccepted, how come it happens so often? Not only in one culture but in almost in every single one of them, all around the world.

About 20% of both men and women admitted having cheated on their partner. Are we supposed to be with only one person and one person only for the rest of our life? Or does our nature tells us otherwise? In other words, are humans monogamous creatures or not?

From the 5000 different kinds of mammals walking on this Earth, 3-5% of the species is considered to be completely monogamous. Beavers, wolves and gibbons are a few examples. These monogamous species tend to differ from humans in their mating behavior since they will only know one partner throughout their lives. Continue reading

Body Marbling: Turn Your Body Into A Psychedelic Piece of Art

This interesting art of body marbling is starting to gain popularity recently. Body marbling stations are popping up, especially at festivals; it is already called ‘body-painting of the future. It turns your body into a work of art by simply dipping your arm (or another limb) into a barrel or a bucket where marbled image on the surface transfers to the skin. This dip-dye results in the most trippy temporary tattoos.

Body marbling uses the same techniques as the traditional marbling style. The water is decorated with paint that floats on the surface. Even the visuals look similar with the dripping and the dragging of the paint. One big difference is the kind of paint that is being used for body marbling. This is a water-based paint which is non-toxic for the skin and also safe for clothing. Often neon or UV-active colors are used which gives an even more fascinating effect under black light.Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.00.36 PM

The term ‘body marbling’ was first used by the pioneer Brad Lawrence. While he was a student at college for creative studies he got diagnosed at the age of 23 with acute tendonitis in both arms.

This made painting and drawing increasingly more painful. Lawrence sparked an interest for abstract art and ultraviolet colors. The bottles which he used for this form of art reduced the pain in his arms. This method of painting inspired him to begin the company Black Light Visuals which led to what we now know as body marbling.

To marble your body you will have to follow three steps:

– The first step will be dipping your skin into a salt solution. This creates a prime layer and helps the paint get absorbed better into the skin. While waiting for the salt water to dry completely, the colors can be chosen and the design can be made on the surface of the water. Using dripping, scratching, twirling and turning techniques a unique psychedelic pattern is created.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.00.12 PM

– The second step is dipping your skin into the hydro-dye in one motion. The print is set immediately so the skin can be retracted straight away. Do this slowly.

– The third and last step is to put the skin in a water bin to rinse the excess paint off. Let this dry and voila, your temporary tattoo is ready.

Normally the paint stays on the skin for approximately 8-10 hours. This depends of course on how you treat your skin.

These videos demonstrate this intriguing new trend. Would you give body marbling a try? Let us know what you think about it.

The Effect Of Being A People Pleaser: Are You One?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping the peace in your environment. Being kind to other people will not only get you the far in life, it will also create good karma. But there is a difference between being kind and pleasing other people.

When you are being a people pleaser, you put the needs of others before your own. It is a combination of finding it extremely difficult to put up boundaries and wanting to be liked by everyone. Some people are willing to go extremely far to achieve this.

It is almost guaranteed that this person will be put to the test by some people in their close environment since they do not know how they can push the limit. Many times it is not even done intentionally but whether you like it or not you end up being treated like a doormat.

shutterstock_97320209Sadly there are people that will start taking advantage when they discover someone else finds it difficult saying ‘no’. Even though this can create negative situations for the people pleaser, they themselves are the biggest cause for the situation they are creating and the further consequences.

The more a person thrives to satisfy the people around them, the bigger the chance they will lose themselves in the process. By guessing what will make you more favorable and acting accordingly, your own needs and wishes get pushed back. Continue reading

Another Earth-Like Planet Was Discovered At Our Neighboring Star

A team of astrophysicists discovered a new Earth-like planet on the doorstep of our solar system at our neighboring star, Proxima Centauri. This is about as close as another planet like our own could get, since it is only about four light years away. This planet was named, Proxima B.

While this planet may be Earth-like, there will be some significant differences to our planet since the star is completely different from ours. Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star, a couple of million years older, and its size is more similar to the size of Jupiter than the sun. Many theories and hypotheses have been made about the star and the Earth-like planet, such as:


The temperatures on Proxima B range where liquid water could occur on its surface. There has been plenty of time for the planet to undergo the chemistry to create life. But just as many other dwarf stars, Proxima Centauri is dim and has sudden and highly aggressive solar flames.

This will produce sudden changes in brightness and extreme high x-ray fluxes. Also, there is the possibility that projected particles will reach the planet which can be deadly for any form of life living there.

Since the star is this old, there is a big chance the planet managed to create a coping mechanism for these flares. Though, this would mean for us that we would end up slightly toasted if we would visit. The Earth-like planet is orbiting very close to its star, about 7.5 million kilometers. Continue reading