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What Do Blind People See When They Dream?

If dreams are a reflection of reality, how does someone with a different sense of reality dream? Every person dreams, even if they are convinced they don’t. Some people can never remember their dream and others can only recall a vague sensation  after waking up.

The definition of a dream  is: ‘A series of images, ideas, emotions  and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep’.blindfold

What happens when you take away the images? Since you never experienced the sense of sight. Or what if someone experienced vision a part of his life but turned blind. Does this influence dreaming?

A new study published in the journal sleep magazine takes us in to the dream-world of the people who cannot see. Three different groups got investigated.

The first group had full vision, the second turned blind at a certain stage in their life and the third one contained people who were born blind. Each group got the same 3 questions:

To describe their dream immediately after waking up. Continue reading

What To Do When Your Frequency is Lowered By Those Around You

As we are all raising our vibrations and collectively waking up, you’ll notice everyone does it at their own pace. Many are still fast asleep while others are just starting to wake up to the true nature of this reality. You may feel like you are drifting apart from people in your life because of fundamental shifts in views.

On the other hand, you might feel compelled to share what you’ve learned to those around you; unfortunately not everyone is ready to hear about it. Some people may get defensive because they feel their reality is being attacked, causing them to completely shut off from receiving any new information. You also have the people who are so stuck in an old paradigm that forcing them to wake up could actually be painful. Higher Consciousness Grids

More and more people are sensing the deeper aspects of reality but are held back by cultural beliefs or organized religion. Some of us are scared of leaving loved ones behind so we stay in low vibrational environments. We continue to communicate on their level and lower our energy which looks like shifts in our mood and mindset.

So how should we interact with people that are clearly not on the same frequency? For starters, we need to start taking responsibility for everything that happens in our environment, including the way other people react to our own reactions. With responsibility I do not revere to ‘to take the fault or blame’. It is a completely different energy. With fault or blame you are invalidating somebody. Responsibility is basically, the ability to respond. We have the power to consciously respond to situations and to people as to the way that people want to engage with us.

the auraThe society where we are brought up in teaches us to react differently to different kind of situations. How to react to the environment, to the people around us and vice versa. You can compare it to a reflex or action reaction. When you look at a response, we can consciously choose to act in a different way. It also depends on what kind of condition our physical state is, for everything is connected. Continue reading

6 Warning Signs Your Body Sends When You Consume Too Much Sugar

In our daily lives we hear more and more about the dangers of sugar, specially refined white sugars. But let’s be honest, everyone has at least that one naughty sweet they crave so now and again. I am not talking about the people that in some miracle way managed to say goodbye forever to sugar, I know you people are out there and I applaud you! Nope I’m talking about the ones that still like that deviliciousness. There are people that keep it to that one snack but others will eat sugars without boundaries. Sodas, sweets, junk food etc.

Where do we find that boundary? When do we eat too much sugar? Here are 6 clear signs for you that can maybe answer that question.

1. Your stomach never feels fullsugar_900

Recognize the feeling of eating until the package is empty? You start with only one cookie. Before you know it, the one turned into 10.
Food that contains a lot of sugars but lacks protein, fibers and other nutrients will not make you feel full.

Sugars don’t, like other nutrients do, pass the message to your brain that you actually just ate something. This way you can eat a lot more than usual.

2. Your skin is breaking out more than usual

Too many sugars is an attack on your skin. A study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests a link between a high-sugar diet and the severity of acne.
If you find yourself in front of the mirror, wondering where all those pimples come from. Think if it had maybe something to do with that delicious triple chocolate cake you couldn’t resist.

3. You experience a lot more fatigue Continue reading