What To Do When Your Frequency is Lowered By Those Around You

As we are all raising our vibrations and collectively waking up, you’ll notice everyone does it at their own pace. Many are still fast asleep while others are just starting to wake up to the true nature of this reality. You may feel like you are drifting apart from people in your life because of fundamental shifts in views.

On the other hand, you might feel compelled to share what you’ve learned to those around you; unfortunately not everyone is ready to hear about it. Some people may get defensive because they feel their reality is being attacked, causing them to completely shut off from receiving any new information. You also have the people who are so stuck in an old paradigm that forcing them to wake up could actually be painful. Higher Consciousness Grids

More and more people are sensing the deeper aspects of reality but are held back by cultural beliefs or organized religion. Some of us are scared of leaving loved ones behind so we stay in low vibrational environments. We continue to communicate on their level and lower our energy which looks like shifts in our mood and mindset.

So how should we interact with people that are clearly not on the same frequency? For starters, we need to start taking responsibility for everything that happens in our environment, including the way other people react to our own reactions. With responsibility I do not revere to ‘to take the fault or blame’. It is a completely different energy. With fault or blame you are invalidating somebody. Responsibility is basically, the ability to respond. We have the power to consciously respond to situations and to people as to the way that people want to engage with us.

the auraThe society where we are brought up in teaches us to react differently to different kind of situations. How to react to the environment, to the people around us and vice versa. You can compare it to a reflex or action reaction. When you look at a response, we can consciously choose to act in a different way. It also depends on what kind of condition our physical state is, for everything is connected.

When you are tired, hungry or dehydrated you will automatically react differently than if you weren’t. Chances are big you will snap, get into an argument and level on the negative energy of the person that just entered your space. When your physical body is well taken care of, well fed and rested, you will be more likely to be in a position of power. A position of power enables  you to respond.

For example by doing nothing, just simply being. Or acknowledging the other person and the situation that is going on, but to respond by not lowering yourself to the other persons negative energy. For instance, by leaving the room and closing the door. Easier said than done in some situations.

What if the person is living in the same house or is a colleague at work? In other words, this person is in our lives a lot.  We always have the choice to end that relationship, eliminating ourselves from that toxic environment when it gets to a certain point.

This is not always an easy step to make but sometimes we have to evaluate what will be the consequences if we stay in a place where our vibration is being lowered constantly. To empower ourselves we need to start processing everything that happens inside of us. The responsibility of what happens within ourselves.

When you feel anger, pain, fear or any negative reaction, exercise on processing it. Be aware that you are feeling these emotions but don’t let them overpower you. This awareness and the fact that you are processing it can be extremely empowering. You can even use several tools to enhance this experience here.Light steps

Other ways to empower yourself is through your diet; make sure to eat as I call them ‘happy’ products. Organic fruits and vegetables and if you eat meat make sure it is free range. The vibrations of the foods you take in resonate with your state of being. Besides your diet, get inspired by people that you can relate to on the same or on a higher levels. This way you can constantly grow and learn more.

After this it is very important to respect the state that the other person chooses to be in. Don’t forget, it actually takes a lot more effort to stay a sleep than to go with the flow on the path of awakening. Do not underestimate the power of this third dimensional veil. For some people this means that this lifetime is not the one where they will be awakened. It’s simply still too soon.


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