Everything You Need to Know About The Healing Power of Sound Thearpy

Sound therapy and balancing has the power to embark a revolutionary perspective on the mind, energy, memory and soul. Sound healing has emerged into the therapeutic landscape, striking a revolutionary balance between science, sound and spirituality.

shutterstock_267859670Energetic disturbances and imbalances are highly malleable through auditory stimuli. In fact, sound and vibrational therapy has been documented to impart consistent, predictable, and oftentimes immediate relief from a number of issues, including pain, insomnia and migraines.

Controlling the human energy field, through auditory motivations, can be nothing short of life changing – providing your body with the means to strike a healing balance between body, mind and soul.

Understanding Sound Healing Treatment

Sound therapy, also known as brain-wave entrainment, is both a passive and participatory experience. In one respect, you enter a mellow state of passive relaxation with limited external sensory distractions and with a more sedated breath rate. In doing so, you become a space of tranquil stillness and receiver of sound.

This is followed up with the participatory platform to become more open, wide, and aware of the sounds and audio stimuli.shutterstock_113069137

Sound proves to be the perfect pathway to mindful awareness and still reflection – the same way that a meditation mantra would.

Tools used in sound therapy include, but are not limited to: voice, drumming, tuning forks and Himalayan singing bowls.

All forms of sound healing are welcomed and celebrated, so long as the journey and destination brings you to a mental and vibrational state of a calm, energetic body.

Sound therapy can provide remarkable results for a number of health issues, including:

·   Anxiety

·   Sleep disorders

·   Stress managements

·   Depression and bipolar disorder

·   PTSD

·   Pain management

Energetic Body Awareness: The Example of Physical Pain Reliefshutterstock_67445521

Energetic body awareness is, quite simply, our perspective and relationship to an issue at hand.

Naturally, our outlook and association with a given matter has the power to guide us to a place of optimal homeostasis and relaxation, or paralyzed by blockages and inhibitors to cognizance. Either way, energetic awareness is the key tool to leading an optimal existence for both our bodies and minds.

Localized pain and discomfort experienced through our physical bodies can be controlled and diminished through the power of psychological devices. Evidently, tackling the physical world is a holistic endeavor of body, mind, and soul.

Enter sound healing.

Sounds, like vibrating tuning forks, for instance, stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide – the free-radical molecule that controls pain transmitters. In other words, these audio frequencies incite a physiological reaction enabling us to modify and gain full autonomy with our personal relationships to pain.

Incorporating Sound Healing in Your Daily Life

The confrontation of daily challenges and conflicts are probably the number one cause for us to lose track of our stable and balanced peaceful vibration.

Sound healing can be administered by a professional, supplemented through auditory soundtracks, or implemented with the help of musical objects. The ultimate goal, however, is to embrace sound healing as a lifestyle and routine practiced throughout your day – using only your passive mind to welcome external sounds.

Incorporating sound healing into our daily schedule can be simple, with the ultimate goal of perceiving and ingesting everything as sound and music. When everything is seen as a vibration, there is no judgement – everything auditory can be seen as an opportunity to support, heal, and find balance, or as an impediment to mindfulness and awareness. If, and when, sound healing is embraced as a lifestyle, there are no bounds to the healing potential of this practice.

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