10 Seemingly Ordinary Humans Who All Have Extraordinary Superpowers

What would you choose if you could pick your own superpowers?

There is still so much we are learning about the human body and what we are truly capable of. These people all have their own ‘superpower’, whether it’s in their DNA or it came from practice, some of these powers we are all capable of having. When we understand this reality is a projection of the mind; the idea of mind over matter takes a whole new meaning.

The boy with ultrasound visionBen-Underwood
This boy is able to move around like a bat or an dolphin by using sound as an indicator of his location.

Ben Underwood had his eyes removed at the age of two due to retinal cancer.

After not being able to use his eyes, he developed the ability to detect the location of objects using only his ears, also called echo location. He did this to such a degree that he can compete in several kinds of sports. Something that when compared to other blind people may seem like an impossible task.

He stated “I’m not blind, I just can’t see”. Sadly Ben Underwood died in 2009 at the age of 16 due to the same cancer that took his vision.

The man with a stomach of steel1401217858ad114-original-1
This man isn’t afraid of what he ingests, no matter if its glass, steel or even a poison liquid.

The Frenchman, Michel Lotito has a stomach lining that is two times bigger than the average human.

This made it possible for him to eat and digest anything without harming his body. He would break the objects into small pieces and eat them with oil used as a lubricant.  Miguel died a couple years back, to natural causes and not his eating habits strangely enough.

The fire people
Wim-HofThese people are able to generate an intense amount of heat from their finger tips.

Also called monk force or Tummo, a type of meditation practiced by some Buddhists monks. It makes them generates extreme body heat.

By performing this form of meditation, it makes it possible for the practitioners to survive in extreme cold condition without showing any type of frostbite or hypothermia.

Ironically the most famous fire-person is a Dutchman called Wim Hof, he is called the ‘Ice man’. He managed to climbed mount Everest wearing only shorts.

The man who feels no painhqdefault
Nobody likes to feel pain, but what if you could turn it off for good?

Tim Cridland, also called the Zamora the king of torture, can endure any amount of pain. He makes his living using his superpower. He entertains people by walking on fire, laying on nails, swallowing swords and glass without feeling any form of pain.

Normally when we feel pain, it is an interaction between our body and mind.

Our nerves send the pain impulses to our brain where the pain gets registered. This is not the case with Cridland. His brain does not register any form of pain and this is the reason why he can perform the acts he does.

The girl with the X-ray vision
Nataly1How would you use this one to your advantage?

The Russian Natalya “Natasha” Nikolayevna Demkina, does not use her X-ray vision to look through walls.

She claims to be able to helps doctors diagnose patients by using her special vision, just like an X-ray machine, by looking in their bodies.

This ability started to manifest by the age of 10.

She helped her local hospital multiple times with several diagnosis.

Even though many scientist still question if her vision is genuine, no one managed to prove that she does not poses these capabilities.

bajau-laut-speargunThe real life Mermen
Free-diving (submerging without an air tank) is a difficult sport to master. Imagine the freedom of being underwater without the constant pressure of needing to surface for air.

The Bajau-Laut fishermen are several ethnic fishermen groups in the seas of Southeast Asia, also called sea gypsies and mermen. They have the capability to swim under water for great lengths, dept and time. They can go several minutes underwater without needing to come up for air.

They claim that mind control is the reason for their extreme capacity to stay under water. Besides submerging for an extreme time they also have the capability to see clearly under water.

The lady with eagle vision
veronica-ferresImagine standing on a viewpoint and you could be able to recognize a person literally from a mile away.

This is the case with Veronica Seider, a German dentist that got herself a spot in the Guinness book of world records for having the ability to see twenty times better than an average human eye.

Her microscopic vision actually makes it possible for her to identify objects from a mile distance and point out different colors pixel by pixel on a screen.

The sleepless man
Imagine all the extra time you would have if you didn’t sleep? Sleep takes up almost a third of our lives.

The Vietnamese Thai Ngoc hasn’t slept in over 43 years. Apparently a fever he suffered in 1973 made it unable for him to sleep. He got naturally used to it and so it became the cause for his new sleepless life. A normal person will show signs of delirium after 72 hours of no sleep and can cause serious health issues.

But for some reason Thai can function normally to a degree. He states that after all these sleepless years he is starting to see and feel the effects.

90825 Blog Human Calculator scott_bio

The human calculator
This come would come in handy when you need to work with numbers.

The New Yorker Scott Flansburg can subtract, add, multiply, divide and find square and cube roots almost instantly in his head with complete accuracy.

In 2001 and 2003 he broke the Guinness world record and got listed as fastest human calculator.

He added within 15 seconds the same number to itself more times than someone with a calculator could do.

Today he is the annual host and ambassador for national math day.

The human camerastephenwiltshire_468x314
Photographic memory is an amazing ability many people do posses.

The Englishman Stephen Wiltshire works as an architectural artist.

He was born mute but he said his first word when his teacher took away one of his drawings at the age of 9.

His hobby and passion for drawing lead him to discover his great talent for detail.

He has such an impeccable photographic memory he can look at a skyline once and completely duplicate it in a drawing into the smallest details. Have a look at his mind blowing work.

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