4 Ways To Soothe An Angry Mind & Release Pent Up Rage

For as long as I can remember, I have had an anger problem. I don’t mean occasionally becoming upset; we all have moments like that from time to time. No, what I am referring to is rage, pure and simple. The kind of rage that makes your body feel like there is a fire growing inside,  your blood pounds through your veins and all sense of clarity is found only within your fury.

If you have ever experienced that kind of anger, then you understand how utterly it can consume your life. On top of that, no one really wants to be around someone who is always ready to fly off the handle, and constantly being angry increases blood pressure, which can cause all sorts of heath issues, even death.

Finding a solution to my anger issue wasn’t as easy as I would have liked it to have been, but I eventually did come across a few tips which helped the healing process take  place.

Keep a journal.

Writing-For-The-Web-Follow-These-Top-10-TipsBy keeping a journal, you can jot down what really ticks you off, and when it does do.

You will start to notice a pattern, and that is incredibly important.

Finding out what triggers your anger is vital to understanding why  it gets triggered in the first place.
Find a release.

166871_jordand_patch-meditationOftentimes, people with anger issues think they have to bottle it up and repress how they feel. That only leads to more stress, and leaves them (and you) vulnerable for another rage session. Find a healthy release for your emotions.

Exercise, meditation, even screaming into a pillow have all been recommended by clinical psychologists for anger management.

As soon as you start to notice those early warning signs of oncoming ‘rage mode’, take a second and breathe. Well, a few seconds actually. When you notice your heart rate increase, and can start to feel your blood beginning to boil, stop everything and focus on breathing. Take a deep breath in for a count four, hold for a count of eight, and release for a count of four.

The 4-8-4 method works extremely well for stress therapy as well.
Change your ‘trigger thoughts.’Waves of Reason

After you have written down your thoughts in your journal for a week or so, you will notice a pattern emerge.

Pay attention to the thoughts that led you to write down the things that angered you. What were they?

Trigger thoughts like “they should have agreed with me,” or “they never listen,” always lead to creating more anger.

When you have a trigger thought, change it to something more positive, and repeat it in your mind.
By Raven Fon


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