What To Do When You Are Always An Option – Not A Priority

Nothing in this world can drain you like love does.

Woman crying.

When things are going well, you feel invincible. When things are leaning towards the opposite, you may feel like you’re losing the fight. Waking up may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, everything seems to take more effort.

There is something a lot worse than falling out of love. There is the feeling of being option B.  There is no easy way to say this – it hurts like hell.

When we truly love someone, we pour out our souls. We share in everything. What happens if that has faded? Where are you left? The feeling of a sword through your heart my come to mind. In love, the ultimate betrayal we may feel is being second best or nothing at all to that person.

Feeling embarrassed is completely normal. Remember, as far as you were aware, they were in love with you just as much as you are with them. There’s good reason as to why people are so afraid to express how they feel. The fear of imagining love is real. To be told you fathomed this whole thing. To hear friends saying things like “How did you not see that?” – it all hurts and breaks us down.Tunnel-Of-Love-In-Ukraine-449x304

Questioning your self worth follows suite, being made to feel amazing doesn’t feel so magical anymore. You start to doubt yourself and whether you did in fact imagine that this “love” thing was ever real. What you need to realize is, it’s not you. It’s the other person who doesn’t see your true worth.

This won’t happen over night and when it hits, it may be painful, but the weight lifted off your shoulders will offer you an immense feeling of freedom.

You may have wasted a few years adapting to be the perfect other half, only to now have to start over. That’s ok! We need these things to show us what we’re really worth. It may be a very harsh life lesson, but one day, you will look back and see how much stronger you’ve become! You may feel immense anger, that’s ok too!


You have every right to be, after all you have been through together, you have basically been living in a lie. Anger can be incredibly motivating too, you just need to focus it in the right direction. Use it as a motivator to create the perfect life you never had with that person!

You may question new ventures, being doubtful and unsure, after all, you’ve lost your original purpose. The trick is to be prepared for it. Just like the lucky gazelle that escapes the lion, she now knows the threats and may be more alert to potential dangers in the future.

She was given a second chance to take on the world! Find that someone who adores you for who YOU are. You deserve nothing but the best! Wanna know the best part? Once you find that person, this journey will all make sense!

Thank you to The Minds Journal for such a lovely summary.


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