What is “The Zodiac”, really?

I was reading the Hermetica the other night and was simply CAPTIVATED by a particular passage describing the creation of the Cosmos, and its various purposes in this holographic reality created by an infinite supreme mind….

Here’s what it said!


The Zodiac and Destiny

When the Creator had created this beautifully ordered universe, he wanted to order the world also.

So, he sent down man – a mortal creature made in the image of an immortal being – to be an embellishment of the divine body of the Cosmos. It is man’s function to complete the work of Atum. He was made to view the universe with awe and wonder, and to come to know its Maker.

At first, the heavenly gods complained saying: ‘You are being rash in creating humanity. They see with inquisitive eyes, and hear what they have no right to hear.

They reach out with audacious hands. They will dig up the roots of plants, and investigate the properties of stones. They will dissect the lower animals – and one another also!

They will seek to discover how it is that they are alive, and what is hidden within. They will cut down the woods of their native land and sail across the sea to see what lies there. 

 They will dig mines and search the uttermost depths of the Earth. All this might be bearable, but they will do much more.  They will press on to explore the world above, seeking by observation to discover the laws that govern the movements of the heavens. “

Atum replied:

‘I will build the Zodiac – a secret mechanism in the stars, linked to unerring and inevitable fate. The lives of men, from birth to final destruction, shall be controlled by the hidden workings of this mechanism.”

And when the mechanism began to work, the keen-eyed goddess Destiny supervised and checked its movements. Through this mechanism, Destiny and Necessity are cemented together.  Destiny sows the seed. Necessity compels the results. In the wake of Destiny and Necessity comes order – the interweaving of events in time.

Atum implants each human soul in flesh by means of the gods who circle in heaven. It is man’s lot to live his life according to the fate determined for him by these circling celestial powers – and then to pass away and be resolved into the elements.

There are some whos name will live on through the memorials of their mighty handiwork, but the names of the many will fade into darkness.

Few can escape their fate, or guard against the influence of the Zodiac, for the stars are instruments of Destiny, which bring all things to pass in the world of Men.

If, however, the rational part of a mans Soul is illuminated by a single ray of Atum’s Light, the workings of these gods is as nothing, for all gods are powerless before the Supreme Light.

But such men are few. Most are led and driven by the gods which govern earthly life, using our bodies as the instruments of Destiny.

To my way of thinking, however, it is our duty not to simply asquiesce in our human state, but, through intense contemplation of Divine things, to detach ourselves from our merely mortal nature.

-Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth)

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The part that really gets me, in all of that, is the idea that we as humans have the potential and power to rise above systems set up before us to support us in our lives. I mean, the creation of the Zodiac determines a particular universal flow, its connected with some basic fundamental energies of our very consciousness.

But when your mind becomes awakened, and you rise to meet your destiny, you rise above it, and become the sole creator of it. It is as if you have embodied the very consciousness that created the zodiac in the first place, and so you are completely free from your earthly limitations.

That’s a very powerful concept.

Thanks for taking the time to read it!
With love,

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