Daily Divination 4/4/16 ~ Your Journey is Set!

The Eight of Airships is from one of our stranger decks, the Steampunk Tarot! I was pleasantly suprised to find so much about Hermes upon opening up the book.

Either way, this is quite a delightful little deck, and we’re going to be doing the reading based off of the image described and intuition! Here we go!


This one shows a man standing on the top of a large airship, flying over the clouds towards an unknown destination. Its interesting to note that the sharp razor thin moon appears above them, also with bunch more airships on the same course as this one.

The clouds are red, and there is a bright red horizon along a purple line at the edge of the horizon. This could imply the final destination being the crown chakra, but going THROUGH the root (the physical). to get there.

The man, mounted firmly upon the top of his ship, observes the oncoming view, seeing new sights as never before.

As this is an Air card, it is represented by Mind. It might mean a new voyage of the mind, and it could literally mean going somewhere new, and experiencing new thoughts as a result of such things!

Regardless, this guy is prepared for anything!  He’s got his air canisters, his lights, binoculars, weapon, and pouch. His course is set.

Where are YOU going today?

With love,

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