Iboga: What It is & It’s Incredible Life-Changing Properties

Tabernanthe iboga or simply iboga is a small tree that is indigenous to central western Africa. In Gabon, this tree is used by the people there to understand Life itself.

Its active chemical ‘Ibogaine’ is said by those who’ve used it to unlock a “ruthless inner voice of truth”.

Likened to a voice of reason not unlike that of a stern father, this brutal but enlightening experience allows a deep level of healing to occur for those with trauma, PTSD and narcotic additions.

This is not typical psychedelic compound. It is said that the experience  de-conditions the mind in order to view life experiences from an unbiased point of view that can shatter addictions and negative behavior patterns by seeing the ‘source’ of them from deep within yourself which gives you a new sense of clarity.

In this YouTube video uploaded back in 2012 by Joe Rogan he has a very deep conversation with philosopher Aubrey Marcus who gives a detailed account of his experience with Ibogaine.

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Spiritual in nature and deeply moving Aubrey’s reflection explored the true nature of god, the universe and infinity. The answers to everything we need to know lie within us all. We only need to understand nature better because that is where the keys are hidden.

Please share this informative and moving video with your family and friends.

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