This Astrologer Just Confirmed Our Planet Is About To Birth A New, Positive Paradigm

For a few years I have listened to the daily updates Laura Walker gives on her site Oracle Report. Her daily astrology is always uplifting, honest and hopeful. A realistic hope.

The update for the weekend of December 26th-27th was incredibly and especially powerful. I am sharing this simply so that more people feel hope for the future as well as become even more empowered. Blessings to all!

Here is a small excerpt from the report:

“Uranus stationed retrograde (appeared to move backward in the sky) on July 26, one day after Venus stationed retrograde.  Do you remember that time? What was happening in your life then?  Think back to what has transpired in your life and in the world since then.

Much has changed.shutterstock_190800344

The two planets retrograding at the same time was significant.  Uranus retrograded at 20 Aries 30, a conjunction with the Eris Point — the point of power for the reckoning of Truth and Rebirth and the harbinger for Second Renaissance when it was discovered in 2005.

Uranus brings sudden changes.  It shocks and surprises.  We rarely see things coming when Uranus is involved.  It singularly “electrocutes” us to wake up or come out things – like illusions, fog, and darkness.  This is heightened around the days it stations retrograde or direct.

The Full Moon phase amplifies this.

So, we prepare for shift.  There is nothing to fear and everything to be excited about, as all of this is driving the consciousness of humanity and the nature of human experience on Earth toward a new way.  Rectification is happening.  Justice is happening.


That which and those who work against Life are being pummeled by what could be conceptualized as a giant mirror array returning back any and all dastardliness (“Shodashi’s Wave” for long-time readers).

It is now payback time on an historical and planetary scale.  It sucks now to be the Unnatural World Order or anyone who has purveyed pain.  All of the lies, all of the tricks, all of the manipulation return from whence they came.”

The full report can be seen in the archives here.




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