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Understanding The Spiritual Ego: Is Your Own Ego Outsmarting You?

As we get deeper and further along on our spiritual path, our ego has no choice but to become sneakier in the ways it takes form, especially if we have a tenacious ego.

The first time I realized how incredibly strong my ego is was the first time I tried psychedelic mushrooms. I laugh now when I think about how sneaky my ego tried to be that day. It was me and a couple of friends who decided to eat some mushrooms on the beach. Within the hour they were both feeling the effects but I felt nothing. If you’ve ever done psychedelic mushrooms as spiritual practice, you know that eventually your ego is essentially thrown up and all you’re left with is the eyes of love; your ego is completely stripped away from your being.

What I now know is that my ego fought the mushrooms with all its might, so much so that it tried to convince me that the reason I wasn’t feeling the effects was because I was “called to hold the space” for the ones who were. Of course to my ego, being called to hold the space meant I was more “spiritual” than my friends, which my ego clinged onto for dear life, until it eventually left my body. My ego revealed its true colours to my higher self that day.

However, you don’t have to do psychedelics to find out how sly your ego can be. There are things you can look out for on your journey to forming a harmonious relationship with your ego.

If you’re reading this article then chances are you have learned that love is power, positive thinking yields positive results, and that fear is an illusion. You have probably learned 101 ways to keep your ego in check, how to raise your vibration, the secret to opening your third eye, etcetera…etcetera. As we acquire this knowledge, this spiritual knowledge if you will, we find that it actually works and our eyes become wide open. We become acutely aware. Aware of the people who don’t live the “spiritual” way, the people who are drowning in sorrow, the people who play the victim, the people who are afraid, the people who don’t understand “the secret”-the destruction of our planet, the greed, the lies, the mistreatment of animals, the shady politicians. Continue reading

Could Antarctica Have Been Home to Ancient Civilizations?

In 1929 historians made a shocking discovery: the Piri Reis Map. Once the Turkish navy’s most advanced navigation tool, the map had been lost for over four centuries. Drawn up in 1513, and based on older sources, it’s one of the most accurate cartographic record of the period.


The map is said to be so precise that it included detailed drawings of Antarctica’s northern ridge – 300 years before the continent was officially discovered.

The Piri Reis is not the only map depicting Antarctica long before its official  1821 discovery. The Oronce Fine map published in 1531 includes it too. More intriguing still this map features rivers and lakes which satellite imaging confirms do exist.


But how could the cartographers know  , if no one set foot there until the nineteenth century?

Well, according to Professor Charles Hapgood, the Antarctica was once home to an ancient civilization. Its citizens fled or perished when natural disasters  transformed the continent into the 14 million square km  of dangerous icy terrain that dominates the land today. So could the remains of this lost city still exist under the ice ?

Check out the video to find out more:

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This Video Captures The Pure Magic in This “Bioluminescent Forest”

maxresdefault (33)Artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad combine their skills to create a stunning audiovisual light show called “bioluminescent forest”.  Their fascination with nature and all of it’s amazing sights and sounds can be seen in this epic video which lasts less than 4 minutes.

The video is nothing short of a masterpiece and for me the combination of nature with their stunning animation work is what really sets it off.  Check out the video below:

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More information on the project can be found here:
Friedrich van Schoor:
Tarek Mawad:

Celebrate the Mathematical Beauty of Nature With The Fibonacci Coloring Book

I cannot express how much I love this book! It has been created by a South American designer and illustrator named Rafel Araujo., and thanks to a very successful KickStarter campaign this colouring book is going to be available around the world very soon.

Each image is said to have to have taken up to 100 hours to complete and you can really see the amount of hard work that has gone into this book as the level of detail in each image is simply breath-taking.

The book is called ”The Golden Ration Coloring Book” and each drawing is based on the intelligent patterns we find throughout nature in beautiful objects such as the wings of butterflies, seashells, crystals and even galaxies.

Go here more information about Araujo and his coloring book: | facebook | twitter | instagram

Check out some of the stunning images from his book below:

architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book__880_670 architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-1_670

Chambered Nautilus Shell architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-2__880_670

The Golden Ratio coloring book architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-3__880_670

Back cover of the Golden Ratio coloring book architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-4__880_670 architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-5__880_670 architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book8_670 architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book9_670 architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-31_670 architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-41_670 Architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-56fbad14c5057__880_670 Architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-56fbaed523644__880_670

Butterflies Infinite Sequence Architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-56fbb3fe38d07__880_670

Architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-56fbb5f56733c__880_670 Architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-56fbb56f33f4c__880_670 Architect-reveals-the-secret-of-natures-beautiful-designs-in-a-hand-drawn-coloring-book-56fbb394dfb93__880_670

If I could only ever own just one colouring book then this would be it. It is simply sublime and I cannot wait to get my hands on one!

To learn more about the Math of God, please watch this video here! 

This Stunning Animation Follows A Lost Soul Who Meets Death

The short, is by  a small Ireland-based studio called And Maps And Plans. It has received numerous awards and has been shortlisted for the 87th annual Academy Awards.

It is an evening like many others, most likely a Friday or Saturday night, the film is set in a city that is typical of most metropolitan places late at night during the weekend with it’s inhabitants wandering around without any real guidance from place to place.

As you would expect a guy comes out of a club drunk and as he crossed the road a car runs over him. It is a fatal accident. “I just need a little more time” – says the character of this moving story, addressing ‘Death’ who came to pick him up. Just a little more time to fix things, warn the loved ones, maybe remember and understand.

But instead of coming back to life, the soul traces back its own existence through images and old memories, looking for something …

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For me the purpose of this film is to make it’s viewers quietly reflect on life and mortality. And in today’s work-based busy hustle and bustle life, i think taking time for reflection is something we could all do just a little more often.

Find out more about the makers at

Kasim Khan, Team Spirit




The Eye Opening Reason Morgan Freeman Says Black History Month Is ‘Ridiculous’

During an interview I managed to dig out on YouTube Morgan Freeman was asked what his thoughts were about Black History Month. His response took me real surprise when he said that it was ”ridiculous”. But when he started to explain why he thought it was so ridiculous it really opened my eyes and gave me a few much needed reminders.

Black History Month, you find … ?

Morgan Freeman gave a one-word answer: “Ridiculous.”

Why?” asked the veteran news reporter.

“You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” asked Freeman. “What do you do with yours? Which month is white history month? No, come on, tell me,” he continued.

“Well, I’m Jewish,” responded Mike Wallace.

Freeman kept pressuring for an answer. “Okay. Which month is Jewish history month?”

“There isn’t one,” replied Wallace.

“Oh. Oh, why not? Do you want one?” asked Morgan Freeman in response.

Wallace said “No.”

I don’t either,” explained Freeman. “I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.

“How are we going to get rid of racism and — ”

Stop talking about it.

 Here is the video:

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Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

After hearing what Morgan had to say about I must admit that I agree with him 100% on this. The only way to help stop racism is to simply stop talking about it!

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