This Stunning Animation Follows A Lost Soul Who Meets Death

The short, is by  a small Ireland-based studio called And Maps And Plans. It has received numerous awards and has been shortlisted for the 87th annual Academy Awards.

It is an evening like many others, most likely a Friday or Saturday night, the film is set in a city that is typical of most metropolitan places late at night during the weekend with it’s inhabitants wandering around without any real guidance from place to place.

As you would expect a guy comes out of a club drunk and as he crossed the road a car runs over him. It is a fatal accident. “I just need a little more time” – says the character of this moving story, addressing ‘Death’ who came to pick him up. Just a little more time to fix things, warn the loved ones, maybe remember and understand.

But instead of coming back to life, the soul traces back its own existence through images and old memories, looking for something …

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For me the purpose of this film is to make it’s viewers quietly reflect on life and mortality. And in today’s work-based busy hustle and bustle life, i think taking time for reflection is something we could all do just a little more often.

Find out more about the makers at

Kasim Khan, Team Spirit




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  1. It’s’ really an awesome video with a unique idea and concept using 2D animation, I must say it deserved the nominations in the Academy Awards. Thanks for sharing the article

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