Spirit Science ~ Mars Retrograde in Libra

One thing I just found out which totally took me by suprise, is that not only did Mars Retrograde start on March 1st, but Saturn Retrograde started on March 2nd! Ahh!!! What is happening?!

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Okay, we’ll do Mars in Libra first, and then Saturn Below :)

Mars Retrograde

March 1st to May 19th – 2014

One thing that I didn’t talk about in this video is that Mars is in the house of Libra, and so essentially like doing cosmic mathematics, you can fractal that planet with the vibration of what libra represents, and you can look and see your reflection in that coupling.

libraLibra is all about balance. It’s not so much the specific trait but the characteristics and energy of balance. The scales are meant to represent not only weight, but value. Recognizing what you value going through Mars Retrograde is a symbol to recognize deeper, emotional meaning behind your male-driven actions.

You might be surprised about what you find :)

I know a lot of people think astrology is woo. Perhaps you do as well. Perhaps you’re on the other side of the coin and you use the horoscope daily to guide your life. I know the feeling, on both sides :)

Lets take both of those opposites and put them in the middle. There is value in finding reflection in the vast, infinite cosmos that we are a part of. There is also value in realizing that being in awe of the cosmos is not going to pay your bills or get you that date. We can recognize our connections to everything, and be the active creator in our own lives on a regular basis too. That’s what Mars Retrograde is all about.

Saturn Retrograde

March 2nd to July 20th – 2014

Saturn is typically related to have a meaning of judgement, containment, and control… but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s also the ruler of righteousness, of purity, of good will and intent. It is when the containment, the control and the judgement are made with awareness that an ultimate space is created for growth, maturity and transformation.

saturnIt’s when these rules are made without any awareness of the bigger picture that we have problems, and that’s where a lot of our problems lie today.

Saturn Retrograde is all about letting those old walls wash away, and to see everything from a bigger picture. Remember, Containment without Restriction is where all of the growth happens. For example, having a tiny pot to grow a big tree in wont work. It’s too restricting.

Now the seedling contained in the small pot temporarily to keep it safe as it grows up, that’s containment without restriction, as long as when the time comes to transition, the transition is actually made.

It’s all about the geometric structure of the reality around you. Time, Schedules, Order, Law, look at all of them, ask questions about why they are the way they are. Perhaps with your inspiration, we can change it into something else.

With love,

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