Spirit Science 7 ~ Dimensions

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For those interested in watching Garrett Lisi’s TED Talk, you can watch it here!

I love Garret Lisi’s ideas about sacred geometry through the scales of the universe, and as it relates to polyps and people. Of course, it’s a little harder to recognize with people, but I believe we fundamentally share the same connection.

I invite you to bring your awareness back to that, as it relates to the human consciousness. Imagine that the collective human awareness is just as real as each individual person.

community5You can imagine each family with their own collective awareness, a school, a city, a country, or even all of the continents combined – made up of the human’s that live within each space.

Think about what the human consciousness as a whole might be thinking about, or feeling? The human heart might be hurting because of the pain its feeling that it does to itself. (It only takes a walk down a street in a city to notice that most people aren’t smiling, talking, laughing, or even looking at each other).

The human mind might be distracted, constantly giving its attention and energy to different corporations, banks, and funnels for energy that essentially zaps them of all of their energy, and gives very little back.

You may also find small pockets of awareness within that larger field where people are learning to love, and to grow, and to give to each other unconditionally in a way that creates support, abundance, and a healthy community.

newdimensionI think these pockets are where the seeds are being planted, and they exist all over. Anywhere you can find 2 people that have a sense of love for each other, you can also find the ability to create within that space.

I’m all about taking awareness, ideas, and information from the higher frequencies of thought and emotion, and bringing them down into the physical world.

Essentially, bringing all of the connectedness, the love, the vibrations from the higher frequencies that we discussed in today’s video, and bringing them into the 3rd dimension where we physically do things – and make things happen.

So how exactly does that relate to “dimensions” as we discussed it in this earlier episode?

Consider that all of the dimensions are connected, and they are all representations of each other. This physical, material world is a representation of a higher dimension and frequency, as it ripples down in density until we get here. Likewise, we can fractal it higher and higher and getting into lighter and lighter densities! It’s rather remarkable.

windowofworldsThey are all happening at once, and they are all interconnected. What we need to learn how to do is connect the dimensions through our awareness. One of the biggest disconnects we are facing is the disconnection between what we say, what we do, and what we think and feel. What we feel and think function on a different dimension than what we do and say. They are directly related, but they are different, and exactly the same.

As Above, So Below.

I believe that’s how we’re really going to create some shifts on this planet, and really change the way we live in this world altogether.

My question for you as we end this week’s post is…

What are you creating now? And what do you want to create?
(leave your response in the comments below!)


Links & Sources

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2 thoughts on “Spirit Science 7 ~ Dimensions”

  1. I am creating an atmosphere for myself to really engage and dive deep into your knowledge. I am creating an open heart.

    1. It’s somewhat confusing when you say “your knowledge”… The knowledge shared here has never belonged to any one person. This has been a place where knowledge was gathered from a lot of people and many places and shared. Unfortunately, not all of it is factual and that wasn’t really made clear. Personally, I prefer to state facts as facts and opinions as opinions and moving forward, that’s exactly how I’m going to take this to a whole new level. When I get the time, I’ll start going over the articles, correcting errors, adding new data and making sure the facts are stated as facts and opinions are stated as opinions. I will also be adding new information, I just don’t have the time right now. We’re all busy working on something amazing and that should be done in a few days!

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