Spirit Science 8 ~ Meditation

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What does it mean to “Empty your mind?” 

It’s a pretty good question, because most people think that it means completely eradicating ALL thoughts from your being and just being silent.

Have you ever considered the possibility that we have it backwards? That perhaps we shouldn’t be trying to EMPTY our mind, but practice a state of mindFULLness… Think about it.

meditationFull of mind. Full of awareness. Full of Clarity! Perhaps that’s what it means to “Clear your mind“, instead of “clear it all away!” we can learn to “become crystal clear as to what our thoughts are, where they’re coming from, and what we are creating.” 

By that, I mean literally thinking about your thoughts and making sense of them. Go deep into your thought process and ask yourself why you’re thinking about that, think about it more, ask what it means – both to you and others.

Sometimes when people start meditating, they get easily discouraged because they are not having a very easy time “clearing” their mind. They end up pushing away on their thoughts, rather than allowing them to be whatever they are.

The true practice of meditation can be incredibly powerful when you practice simply “being aware”. Be Aware of your thoughts, be Aware of your Emotions. Find out how your Thoughts and your Emotions are connected.

Often times, you’ll actually suprise yourself in realization that the reason you felt that way (regardless of what way it is) is because of a story, an interpretation, about something that didn’t actually happen.

meditation-leafYour feelings are real, and valid, and often they have absolutely no relationship to reality.

It’s shocking, we write all sorts of stories in our heads about the reality that were experiencing, and when we slow down and actually take notice of what were thinking about, it can absolutely change the way we think about things, the world, and most importantly – we change the way we interact with them.

And when we change how we interact with the world, we take powerful strides forward in becoming a true creator.

Oh! One last thing, here is a link to that book i mentioned in the video – Ultimate Journey! It’s an absolutely fantastic read, actually one of the first books i ever read when i first began my exploration into Spirituality! I think you’ll really dig it :D

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