An Experiment in Expeditious Expression

This week, I would like to take some time to talk about Words. Words are very fascinating, because some Words have an intrinsic meaning that goes along with the vibration, and other words have no meaning, but we give them meaning based on how we use them. I have learned to strive to understand what all vibrations are, and ask questions as to why these words are Expressed in the way that they are. Words like Spirit, Holographic Universe, and God are all words that are incredibly misunderstood in our day and age, and to look at the Roots of the word will yield a deeper understanding of why we use the word like we do.

The Expression of the Universe manifests as you, and the All of Infinity. You and I are an expression of the Source Consciousness Field, and we can Express ourselves in any way that we choose. At least, that is what I have come to in my growth, and it is a truth that I would like to share with you. Whether you receive it or not, that’s up to you.

As usual, take what resonates and leave the rest behind, you get to decide.
Check these movies out:
The Life of Buddha
Gurren Lagann

Music by Enya, +Elijah/Band of Light, and Adiemus (See Credits for Song Titles)

17 thoughts on “An Experiment in Expeditious Expression”

  1. Thank you, Jordan! Much appreciation! I’ve been thinking about double word meanings and their vibrations for a little while now. This video was poignant. I think my favorite “oh, DER!” moment was with realize ==> Real-Eyes. Keep up the work you’re doing! You’re lens is helping me to keep those real eyes focused.

    in lak’ech ala k’in

  2. Dear Jordan I have a question ? I know that our spiritual paths are different but yet connected so here’s my question . There are beings in this planet that don’t like us they hate us we have become a natural resource for them they eat our very young and are the reason why we not moveing forward yes I’m taking about the ALPHA DRACOINANS AKA Reptilians I feel scared when I talk about them because they are the reason why we are hostile with each other killings wars they feed off our emotion both positive and negative but they sure love fear fear powers them up and I noticed were doing the same things now were feeding of each other ? Peace love and happiness to all of us

    1. Although the question was directed at Jordan, I think I can help give you an answer.

      You are afraid of the reptillians. It sounds reasonable to be afraid of them, but honestly, they pose no threat to anyone. They are not the reason people fight wars, or commit atrocities- fear is what does that. If you have no fear of those who feed off of this, and love them as a part of the universe, then you are safe. If you fear them and resent what they do, you only dig deeper into the hole. This is true of everything- if you feel love towards something, you cannot fear it. And if you cannot fear it, then there is nothing it can do to hurt you.

  3. Great video! Have you read the book by Lynne McTaggart called The Field? It backs up some of these ideas, especially the collective unconsciousness, with some top scientific opinions.

  4. thank you for returning to a clear, simple, yet detailed presentation of spiritual knowledge. how appropriate for the Communication Chakra!
    you have everything, you are, all you need, to present knowledge to this community you have created. you need rely on no one else. do not feel the need to explain yourself, nor even concern yourself with the detractors. you are a sweet loving soul and are firmly on your path, and that’s the best, most powerful message you have. just BE – Who and What You Are!

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