Spirit Science 11_11 ~ DNA Activation

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A popular question/discussion popping up lately is the nature of DNA Activation. How do you activate your DNA, and what does it mean to have Activated DNA at all?

DNA Activation is a reconnection of your original blueprints for life to a higher frequency, or perhaps a “fuller” frequency. As you live your life, and grow, and have the experiences that you have, you may find yourself opening up to a greater awareness and greater knowing of what things mean all around you.

This awareness is made in the connections between the hearts of everyone. This looks like saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Breathing, staying calm, asking questions, looking at everything thoroughly, doing what you love and loving what you do.

Love is not just an affection of another or a feeling you get, but the awareness of the infinite connection with everything. You are one with everything, so am I for that matter, and being in a space of Love is sharing in the knowing that You and I are One consciousness.

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4 thoughts on “Spirit Science 11_11 ~ DNA Activation”

  1. I love this, recently my Dad was talking to about oxytocin, and at first glance I shrugged it off, over and over again this term kept coming into my life. It had been months since the last time I’ve watched a spirit science episode, and after watching the last few episodes over this last week I stumble onto this one. Following the links from the video I watch Paul Zak’s video, and now I understand why. I’m such an analytic mind that sometimes I need a little science in my life to explain these things, but I know I just need to give more hugs, and in general just more love to everyone around me, it is the most powerful experience to be shared among us all. Thanks for these, you’ve done the world a great service through these presentations.

  2. Such an elegantly clear and beautiful way of unpacking our extraordinary, extraterrestrial and exquisite humanity. Thank you Patchman and all who work with you to bring these animations to life.

  3. Pachman thank you very much , love your work . Good luck witch luck has anything to do with this but good luck and thank you bye bye

    1. I haven’t watched these videos in over a year; since I moved out of new york city. When I first watched them, something resonated so deep within me, it honestly changed my life. It sparked this whole new outlook on myself and the world around me and everything else I hadn’t even begun to understand. Since then, I’ve moved to LA , had my first real relationship, and somehow found myself in a very dark place. It’s been hard finding a way out, until I re-realized something I’d forgotten. It’s not something I can explain or even put a finger on because it’s not a definition, it’s a source; this tiny light that sometimes is so faint it seems that it doesn’t exist. But it’s always there, ready to be ignited. Watching this video after what seems like a lifetime, I found myself in tears. I like to call them truth tears. When I hear the truth, my whole being aligns; my head clears, my heart fills, and my eyes swell with tears. This is what I felt while watching these over a year ago, and I’m so thankful to have found my way back. Thank you for these videos and this website and for the knowledge that there is hope for us all. Namaste.

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