An Understanding of Unity

This is the Understanding of Thoth. As we continue Spirit Science and the Exploration into the ALL and the ONE, we must come to the realization that LOVE is the balance in which all exists in harmony and peace. We can strive to be in this space by accessing the source known as Christ Consciousness in the Sacred Space of your Heart, and when in tune with this place, we can know only Unconditional Love with everyone and everything.

It matters not who you are, what walk of life you emerge from, where you are going, or what you want in life. We must learn to come together regardless of our differences, regardless of the things that we see as separation, and see ourselves as what we really are. A collective species, on ONE planet, in ONE Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe. There is no Separation except that which exists in our minds.

And the best part about Unconditional Love ~ It’s Unconditional.

Video clips by~
Nature by Numbers
Jason Silva + NotthisBody
The Buddha BBC
HOME (Documentary).

Inspired by Elijah ~ The Green One.

4 thoughts on “An Understanding of Unity”

  1. I realized that lots of people around the globe had the same epiphany, some with the help of books, songs and videos, and others by observation of our world. That’s great, it’s such an awesome time to live!

  2. I love it. To understand separation can come together as one beautiful. We have validation separating us. We seem to forget that validation is only true if we accept it as true. We do not desire it to be wrong there four it will not seem wrong in your eyes. No matter how much we try we will not see it to be wrong. Unless we take the choice of it being true we will only have the awareness, realization, and perception of it being right or wrong. We will only see the validation that is specifically corresponding to what we desire that specific aspect, concept, or idea. That is all.

    1. For last part meant to add we will only see the validation that is corresponding to what we desire for that specific aspect, concept, or idea to be true or untrue.

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