Attachments with the King of Atlantis

If your going to be a lightbeing – you are going to be in perpetual bliss first – To do this we will first have radical self responsibility of your own state without attachment. No-one else has responsibility of how you feel, dont blame anyone – this gives THEM the power of change and leaves you helpless until they do. Only you can make anything possible. Well….you and the king of Atlantis! BAM! wooooooooooooooooooo!

Song is brainstorm by arctic monkeys

6 thoughts on “Attachments with the King of Atlantis”

  1. This stairs at me like when you stair at a mirror, it’s craving in a sense of Yes,this is more of what we need.Instead of dripping in are gold fashions,an less likely to grab the foundation that shakes us.I am seeking me out,an yet feeling like,we and,I are living through you as much as if we were doing it together,we living the same somebody we are.
    Letting go now,if we are guidance to are body to know are selves as I,and then you find you can not have one without the other.So we run the cover of are illusions, the thing that is some of that what becomes the favorite vibration, aka reality, “wonderland”. Even if you want to change the vibration your in it, also, has now become WE,as a collected,with a view of that person.”aka me” (ego).
    I’m not looking at what I have said through the eye’s of some in prison or some that are homeless.
    Now they are still in power of there dissensions in yet the collected sees them as this. (“Problem”)
    As a Collected this is a reflection as what we do to are own body’s,we in slave the mind to in slave the body,only to come full circle, with experience to see the light in us as WE.Do we really want to stop,harming people who we deem,that they don’t fit in? Yes, we want what WE can not have the most. To live or try to live “To be Or not to be” in the dream,consciousness,forth dimension,and enlightenment, or liar,murder,selfish,ego,and etc…both roads lead back to self.
    Where then do we go from here, the old the young still play the drama with them selves,so how do we change if the thought of everyone can determine by thought of how we see a individual.Fiat by the though of, “they will never amount to….” this bring emotions that resonates at it’s own vibrations. Is it living?
    If Light is the some of all mass an light is vibrations.It seems that we are in a act that seems to fit the change.Like a map,clock,body,it takes the functions of a beginning to end to beginning.
    So conclusion it all sums up to we are in the change,an it is. LIFE
    p.s. If money is seen as value an lives in its vibrations and we give the energy it needs to live is it alive?

  2. hello i would just love to say thank you the work you do and the message u have has helpd me a great deal … i would love speak with you on meany things …. thank you again have a great day :)

  3. The Atlantis king : I have a question how do you get Rid of the pain of a broken hart because I suffer from this. My girlfriend said that she needed time for her self and I said to her but really love you and care a lot about you . She said that she doesn’t feel the same way about me . We broke up and she moved on fast I wish I had that to move on fast I think about the times that we had and it makes me feel sad and unhappy . I keep telling her I love you and she doesn’t care. Feel that my love for her is a waste because I get nothing back . The last two weeks I stared to notice that I get really shy around her even more than before so I’m asking HELP …..thank you .

    1. hello there,

      you are obviously suffering because of your attachment, hopefully we can avoid this for next time!

      but for now, realise that you don’t need your ex to love you back. you were consuming her love which is why she feels used up and out of love for you.

      you can love her if you wish, or move on, but this is always your decision, never expect anyone to alter their behaviour because of you.

      i hope this helps. Gods speed m’boy

      1. Thak you. You know It actually helped me a lot. You know your right about one thing that really got me . Don’t expect anyone to alter their behavior because of you. And your very right and so many levels. And i learned a lot about the relationship. Shes okay you know at least she was honest with me. At frist my feelings got hurt and now I’m focued on football useing this pain to make it passion for football. ..Life is a highway some stick around and some don’t just keep your path and those who stick with you are there for reason . Thank you Atlantis king love your work . Thank you Cheers

  4. Until yesterday, I hadn’t realized that I had ever felt this oneness before- but once when I was under during an operation, I was aware. I could not think, nor percieve time or space. But I was. And that is a very comforting thing.

    My only problem with the video is that Moonlight sonata was written my Beethoven, not Mozart. :)

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