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Music is my gateway into the spiritual realm, and it is for many of us.  Music has been said to be the universal language, and if you’ve ever partook in a really great jam session, you wouldn’t doubt that for a beat.  I had a lot of great jam sessions the past few months, and when it was all flowing, me and the others playing were communicating through the music realm.  This summer was magical for me. I gave in to my intuition, held on tightly to my intentions, accepted my character traits and massaged my way of viewing them so they all were seen as empowering, learned lessons and learned to practice what I learn, and made many pacts to myself. Because music is what brought me to the place where I learned so many of these lessons, my music quest is officially a spirit quest.
I spent my summer at The Kale House.  In my previous drafts of this article I have tried to begin to explain the wondrous happenings that transpired there, but I’m going to go ahead and give that up. But I will explain as best I can some of what I learned. I learned to live my life like a jam session.
    The Kale House is the home to FeedBands, an internet radio station dedicated to feeding people new music from independent musicians while simultaneously feeding (paying) the bands that provide the music. My music is what brought me there, I was asked to be a featured artist on the site and work on finding new music for the site as well. PS – if you submitted your music to me, Thanks! If I didn’t get back to you feel free to re-sumbit your music directly to While it was the idea of working in the music industry and getting exposure as a musician that opened this pathway for me, it was my spirit that compelled me to take the chance – quit my jobs I had and the comfortable life I knew with my long term boyfriend – and honor my intuition. This wasn’t a stable environment by any means, and I knew that, but this was me saying to the universe, “OK – I hear you! I’m down for the ride. Let’s see what you got.”
The Kale House was filled with artists whom I grew to respect, love and admire very much.  Artists are those who create. Artists have passion, have stories, have muses. We all are artists. The friends I made at the Kale House are incredible artists – not even so much because of the amazing music we all made together, but because of their ability to allow themselves to be themselves, whether that was speaking passionately about conspiracy theories, building teepees in the back yard, cooking amazing foods, giving bouts of love out of nowhere, teaching how to compassionately communicate, discussing philosophy, and learning and absorbing the artistry that was generously all around. When we played music together, no one was worried about how the music would make us money or make us famous.  When we were flowing, we were golden. We were provided for. We had everything we needed and everything we wanted. These perspectives that were brought about through these sessions bleed over into life.  When we are flowing, singing from our hearts, in the “now,” we are taken care of.
You don’t have to be a very skilled musician to have a really satisfying jam session.  Trust and love for yourself is a good place to start, but if you lack in confidence, start slowly and it will build up as you go. Being around people who are there for similar reasons as you is important. People who understand that this jam is about expression, healing, and fun first and foremost. Your music will then take care of itself. Take an instrument that you feel most compelled to try. Making noise even with whistling or foot stomping is a great offering. When the music is started, LISTEN. Listen to what is happening all around you, let the sounds enter your mind and come down into your heart. Chances are, you’ll start to hear something else, something coming from inside of you – this is your heart indicating what is needed. Add that. Whether it’s a a loud operatic cry or a consistent three notes on the banjo, add it – it’s what your heart is telling you is needed in this jam (in this world). Don’t be afraid to repeat. Keep repeating, keep listening, and the movement will happen naturally. As long as you are listening to your heart and honoring what you have to offer – your jam will be magical.  Here is a Melody of ShePatch called Obscura that was recorded while it was being written.


After leaving The Kale House and back in LA now without a job, I decided to continue in the spirit of the jams sessions.  I’m surrounding myself with others who feel life is about expression, healing, and fun. I am listening to myself, and to what is going on around me, and adding to the world what I feel in my heart is needed. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s acknowledgement to a friend, or sometimes it’s more grandiose in feel, like starting my own company (more on that soon, but if you’re curious,  I am honoring the instruments I have that will help me in my path, and just letting the music happen.
Thank you for reading, listening, expressing. I am honored to be here and share with you all. Here is a link to my digital tip jar where the proceeds will go to some new equipment so I can continue to make music on my own.

Love and gratitude and music,

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Special Thanks To:

The Warrior Princess – for your strength of heart and steady beats, your flute and your desires that keep the tribe going
The Spirit Maiden – for your insightful and at times prolific lyrics, charming voice, and your way of welcoming our animal spirits to sing along with you
The Wisdom Dancer – for your inability to stay still when you hear good music, your voice and your words that inspire freedom and compassion
The Moonchild – for your open eyes, your perspective, your hunger, your gravitational pull of your family, and of course your sweet voice
The Hymns – for their incredible musical ability, hearts, and strength of character
The Kimball – for letting us hear you speak your song that one night with only the help of my fingertips
The Conductor – for everything

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