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Music Quest -exit to enter

In my first post I explained how the beginning of Music Quest was about reflecting on what brought me to this point in my life, figuring out why I am devoting my life to being a musician, and releasing works I’ve done to make room for new ones.  Well I am now happy to say that I am exiting that part of my quest, and entering a new one.  With that, here is a track called, “Bring Me Back.”

This track was written for a film project for a company I worked for that hosted themed parties, often Alice in Wonderland themed parties.  I’ve always had a fascination with Alice in Wonderland, anything that involves being immersed in a different world has always intrigued me.  Alice spends her story trying to find her way out of the rabbit hole she fell into, trying to get back to where she came from.  But maybe if she decided that she fell for a reason, to learn something, she wouldn’t fear disappearing into this rabbit hole world. Continue reading

Music Quest -sing the blues

verb: to feel or express worry, discontent
noun: A sequence of bars or ridges on the fingerboard of some stringed musical instruments (such as guitar), used for fixing the positions of the fingers to produce the desired notes


I have this memory of being a young girl playing alone in my bedroom.  But I wasn’t playing with dolls, I was playing pretend, and not that I was a ballerina, but that I was locked in my room and pounding on the door desperately trying to escape.  I sat by the door with tears in my eyes, though I could get up and walk out any time I wanted.  There was no lock on my door as a child, so I drew one in with magic marker. The imaginary lock remained there until puberty when I upgraded to an actual locked door.  I remembered this childhood game only recently as I’ve been contemplating my reasons for being an artist.  Whenever I feel my efforts are in vain I take a step back and really ask myself if I am on this journey because I am compelled to from within – or if it is a game for me, a goal I set in my mind that I’m too stubborn to let go of until I reach it. The question keeps coming up, why art, why make it? Does it really help anyone but myself? Continue reading

Music Quest – the introduction

music |?myo?zik|
ORIGIN Middle English : Latin from Greek mousik? (tekhn?) ‘(art) of the Muses,’ from mousa ‘muse.’

quest |kwest|
verb [ intrans. ]
search for something : he was a real scientist, questing after truth.

Hi everyone. My name is Vanessa (aka, ShePatch). And I’m going on a music quest.
What this means, I’m not entirely certain. But I think that is what’s best for a quest. Add ‘ions’ and you’ve got questions. You can help me find the answers or simply watch as I try to do just that.

When I was very young and would listen to a song with a friend, I would ask sincerely, “Do you feel that?” My friend would reply, “Feel what?” And I would say, “when this song comes on the radio, I feel like my heart is pushing up against my ribs.” I couldn’t explain the feeling well back then, and though I’ve come to a better understanding of the sensation of love some songs provoke, I still can’t really explain it now. Music is in my heart, on my mind, many times coming out of my mouth and through my fingers. And though I discover the music inside me through singing, playing piano and listening, there are still many things about music I want to uncover. Continue reading