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In my first post I explained how the beginning of Music Quest was about reflecting on what brought me to this point in my life, figuring out why I am devoting my life to being a musician, and releasing works I’ve done to make room for new ones.  Well I am now happy to say that I am exiting that part of my quest, and entering a new one.  With that, here is a track called, “Bring Me Back.”
This track was written for a film project for a company I worked for that hosted themed parties, often Alice in Wonderland themed parties.  I’ve always had a fascination with Alice in Wonderland, anything that involves being immersed in a different world has always intrigued me.  Alice spends her story trying to find her way out of the rabbit hole she fell into, trying to get back to where she came from.  But maybe if she decided that she fell for a reason, to learn something, she wouldn’t fear disappearing into this rabbit hole world.
   Perhaps if she didn’t fear entering this new world, she would’ve caught a toke with the caterpillar, learned how to blow smoke letters, and written sentences that could’ve inspired the caterpillar to enter a cocoon.  Exiting does not include disappearing, for when you exit one place, you consequently enter another. The Cheshire Puss does not vanish, he disappears, which only means he has gone somewhere that you can’t see, not somewhere that isn’t there.
How does this relate to music quest?  The next phase is the beginning.  Accepting that I am falling down the rabbit hole and that life as I know it may never be the same.  I am accepting that music is my purpose, and going forth.  Many people have been emailing me questions on how to be a musician if they are in school, have no money, have overbearing parents, etc.  This is all fear to me.  Fear of leaving one place where you are told you can’t do certain things and going into another phase where you have to tell yourself what you can and cannot do.  I don’t really know what I’m doing, so I can’t really give that great of advice.  I’m just following my heart, trusting my gut, and using my head.  If anything that I do seems like it can work for you, grand.  But we’re all going down our own rabbit holes. My rabbit hole begins with a place called The Kale House.
The Kale House is a home where a bunch of musicians live and play music, and it is run by a person who lets them all live there for free, simply because he wants to help, and be around music as often as he can.  He is on his own music quest, finding his voice, and researching the depths of music and how it relates to us on a cosmic level, like “The Music of the Spheres”. The house is in the middle of a red wood forest, and it is beautiful.  I traveled there last weekend to meet with the person who put this all together.  He is launching a website radio station called FeedBands just for independent music.  I will be telling you more about that as well as “The Music of the Spheres” later on.
 I visited because I am going to be a featured musician on the station, and so I went to check out the house and record new music. The people that live at the house threw quite an epic party, with lots of bands playing, very warm and interesting people talking, and lots and lots of dancing.  I even played a short set at the end of the night with other musicians who were just so talented they were able to play along having never heard my music before.  We also jammed, which is improvising music on the spot, and that is my favorite thing to do in the world.  I sing different melodies and sounds, and all the musicians feed off of each others’ energies and when it clicks it is a spiritual experience.  Music is the universal language, and I highly recommend this kind of activity to everyone.  The more you do it the better you get at it, the better you get at it the freer you are, the freer you are the better you express yourself, the better you express yourself the more you allow for others to feel freer to express themselves.  So, exit your comfort zone and enter a new one.  I’m falling down the rabbit hole and I hope to see you there.

Music and gratitude,

Vanessa Cuccia

“Bring Me Back” produced by Ryan Schiff

To download this track and other melodies, visit

For more information on how to submit your music to FeedBands, email me at [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Music Quest -exit to enter”

  1. Hey Vanessa! I wan’t to let you know your music and your incredible spirit behind it is truly inspiring. Me and my roommate Ashley have been going through a true (finally!!) spiritual awakening. Religion confused me for so long but all of sudden after a LOT of soul serching (almost 5 years) I stumbled onto SpiritScience. I’ll be posting much more about this part of my life but its way too late tonight.. I’m so excited to find all these people opening their third eye and taping into our single consciousnesses. :D It is only the beginning of the most beautiful times in Our lives. I’m so excited to share it with you and everyone waking up.

    Keep writing your amazing music!

  2. It is freeing to know that there is a “rabbit hole” created specifically for us; that our guide is found within. It seems that we are taught to always look outside of ourselves and I empathize with those who do. Thanks for sharing Vanessa. Would have loved to have listened in on the jam session you were in.

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